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Louise Kellogg
Louise Kellogg
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Davis
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Compositional stratification in the deep mantle
LH Kellogg, BH Hager, RD van der Hilst
Science 283 (5409), 1881-1884, 1999
The D ″discontinuity and its implications
ME Wysession, T Lay, J Revenaugh, Q Williams, EJ Garnero, R Jeanloz, ...
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Ultralow velocity zone at the core‐mantle boundary
EJ Garnero, J Revenaugh, Q Williams, T Lay, LH Kellogg
The core‐mantle boundary region 28, 319-334, 1998
Tethyan ophiolites, mantle convection, and tectonic" historical contingency": A resolution of the" ophiolite conundrum"
EM Moores, LH Kellogg, Y Dilek
Special Papers-Geological Society of America, 3-12, 2000
The role of plumes in mantle helium fluxes
LH Kellogg, GJ Wasserburg
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 99 (3), 276-289, 1990
Seismic wave anisotropy in the D ″region and its implications
T Lay, Q Williams, EJ Garnero, L Kellogg, ME Wysession
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Mixing and the distribution of heterogeneities in a chaotically convecting mantle
LH Kellogg, DL Turcotte
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 95 (B1), 421-432, 1990
Immersive visualization and analysis of LiDAR data
O Kreylos, GW Bawden, LH Kellogg
International Symposium on Visual Computing, 846-855, 2008
Performance benchmarks for a next generation numerical dynamo model
H Matsui, E Heien, J Aubert, JM Aurnou, M Avery, B Brown, BA Buffett, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 17 (5), 1586-1607, 2016
Shaping watersheds exhibit: An interactive, augmented reality sandbox for advancing earth science education
SE Reed, O Kreylos, S Hsi, LH Kellogg, G Schladow, MB Yikilmaz, ...
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Sinking mafic body in a reactivated lower crust: a mechanism for stress concentration at the New Madrid seismic zone
FF Pollitz, L Kellogg, R Burgmann
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 91 (6), 1882-1897, 2001
Effect of mantle plumes on the growth of D” by reaction between the core and mantle
LH Kellogg, SD King
Geophysical Research Letters 20 (5), 379-382, 1993
A geoscience perspective on immersive 3D gridded data visualization
MI Billen, O Kreylos, B Hamann, MA Jadamec, LH Kellogg, O Staadt, ...
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Enabling scientific workflows in virtual reality
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From outcrop to flow simulation: Constructing discrete fracture models from a LIDAR survey
CE Wilson, A Aydin, M Karimi-Fard, LJ Durlofsky, S Amir, EE Brodsky, ...
AAPG bulletin 95 (11), 1883-1905, 2011
Homogenization of the mantle by convective mixing and diffusion
LH Kellogg, DL Turcotte
Earth and planetary science letters 81 (4), 371-378, 1987
Two pelobatid frogs from the Tertiary of North America and their relationships to fossil and recent forms
RG Zweifel, J Clark, AM Alexander, LP Kellogg
American Museum of Natural History, 1956
The effect of temperature dependent viscosity on the structure of new plumes in the mantle: Results of a finite element model in a spherical, axisymmetric shell
LH Kellogg, SD King
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 148 (1-2), 13-26, 1997
Rodent fauna of the late tertiary beds at Virgin Valloy and thousand creek, Nevada.
L Kellogg
na, 1910
Subducted, detached, and torn slabs beneath the Greater Caucasus
T Mumladze, AM Forte, ES Cowgill, CC Trexler, NA Niemi, MB Yıkılmaz, ...
GeoResJ 5, 36-46, 2015
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