Atilla Incecik
Atilla Incecik
Professor of Ocean Engineering, University of Strathclyde üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Full-scale unsteady RANS CFD simulations of ship behaviour and performance in head seas due to slow steaming
T Tezdogan, YK Demirel, P Kellett, M Khorasanchi, A Incecik, O Turan
Ocean Engineering 97, 186-206, 2015
Loads for use in the design of ships and offshore structures
SE Hirdaris, W Bai, D Dessi, A Ergin, X Gu, OA Hermundstad, ...
Ocean engineering 78, 131-174, 2014
Predicting the effect of biofouling on ship resistance using CFD
YK Demirel, O Turan, A Incecik
Applied Ocean Research 62, 100-118, 2017
Computation of ultimate strength of locally corroded unstiffened plates under uniaxial compression
D Ok, Y Pu, A Incecik
Marine Structures 20 (1-2), 100-114, 2007
Establishing a fully coupled CFD analysis tool for floating offshore wind turbines
Y Liu, Q Xiao, A Incecik, C Peyrard, D Wan
Renewable Energy 112, 280-301, 2017
A semi-empirical ship operational performance prediction model for voyage optimization towards energy efficient shipping
R Lu, O Turan, E Boulougouris, C Banks, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 110, 18-28, 2015
Review and application of Rainflow residue processing techniques for accurate fatigue damage estimation
G Marsh, C Wignall, PR Thies, N Barltrop, A Incecik, V Venugopal, ...
International Journal of Fatigue 82, 757-765, 2016
A CFD model for the frictional resistance prediction of antifouling coatings
YK Demirel, M Khorasanchi, O Turan, A Incecik, MP Schultz
Ocean Engineering 89, 21-31, 2014
Estimation of added resistance and ship speed loss in a seaway
M Kim, O Hizir, O Turan, S Day, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 141, 465-476, 2017
An experimental investigation of motion control devices for truss spars
MJ Downie, JMR Graham, C Hall, A Incecik, I Nygaard
Marine structures 13 (2), 75-90, 2000
Analytical solutions of the diffraction problem of a group of truncated vertical cylinders
O Yılmaz, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 25 (6), 385-394, 1998
Experimental and numerical analysis of a TLP floating offshore wind turbine
E Oguz, D Clelland, AH Day, A Incecik, JA López, G Sánchez, GG Almeria
Ocean Engineering 147, 591-605, 2018
Full-scale unsteady RANS simulations of vertical ship motions in shallow water
T Tezdogan, A Incecik, O Turan
Ocean Engineering 123, 131-145, 2016
Experimental study of a new type of floating breakwater
CY Ji, X Chen, J Cui, ZM Yuan, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 105, 295-303, 2015
A numerical investigation of the squat and resistance of ships advancing through a canal using CFD
T Tezdogan, A Incecik, O Turan
Journal of marine science and technology 21 (1), 86-101, 2016
Numerical investigation of the behaviour and performance of ships advancing through restricted shallow waters
M Terziev, T Tezdogan, E Oguz, T Gourlay, YK Demirel, A Incecik
Journal of Fluids and Structures 76, 185-215, 2018
Artificial neural networks and their application to assessment of ultimate strength of plates with pitting corrosion
D Ok, Y Pu, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 34 (17-18), 2222-2230, 2007
Numerical studies on added resistance and motions of KVLCC2 in head seas for various ship speeds
M Kim, O Hizir, O Turan, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 140, 466-476, 2017
A study of numerical ship underwater noise prediction
P Kellett, O Turan, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 66, 113-120, 2013
An experimental study of motion behaviour with an intact and damaged Ro-Ro ship model
E Korkut, M Atlar, A Incecik
Ocean Engineering 31 (3-4), 483-512, 2004
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