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Mehdi Sasani
Mehdi Sasani
Koç University School of Medicine, American Hospital
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Single-stage posterior corpectomy and expandable cage placement for treatment of thoracic or lumbar burst fractures
M Sasani, AF Özer
Spine 34 (1), E33-E40, 2009
Preserving the ligamentum flavum in lumbar discectomy: a new technique that prevents scar tissue formation in the first 6 months postsurgery
AF Ozer, T Oktenoglu, M Sasani, H Bozkus, N Canbulat, E Karaarslan, ...
Operative Neurosurgery 59 (1), ONS-126-ONS-133, 2006
Percutaneous endoscopic discectomy for far lateral lumbar disc herniations: prospective study and outcome of 66 patients
M Sasani, AF Ozer, T Oktenoglu, N Canbulat, AC Sarioglu
min-Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery 50 (02), 91-97, 2007
Radiofrequency lesioning using two different time modalities for the treatment of lumbar discogenic pain: a randomized trial
OF Erçelen O, Bulutçu E, Oktenoglu T, Sasani M, Bozkuş H, Cetin Saryoglu A
Spine (Phila Pa 1976) 28 (17), 1922-7, 2003
Dynamic stabilization of the spine: a new classification system
OAF Kaner T, Sasani M, Oktenoglu T
Turkish neurosurgery 20 (2), 205-215, 2010
The major complications of transpedicular vertebroplasty: a review
M Cosar, M Sasani, T Oktenoglu, T Kaner, O Ercelen, KC Kose, AF Ozer
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 11 (5), 607-613, 2009
Idiopathic spinal cord herniation: case report and review of the literature
M Sasani, AF Ozer, M Vural, AC Sarioglu
The journal of spinal cord medicine 32 (1), 86-94, 2009
Anterior cervical microdiscectomy with or without fusion
T Oktenoglu, M Cosar, AF Ozer, C Iplikcioglu, M Sasani, N Canbulat, ...
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Dynamic lumbar pedicle screw-rod stabilization: two-year follow-up and comparison with fusion
AF Ozer, NR Crawford, M Sasani, T Oktenoglu, H Bozkus, T Kaner, ...
The Open Orthopaedics Journal 4, 137, 2010
Comparison of posterior dynamic and posterior rigid transpedicular stabilization with fusion to treat degenerative spondylolisthesis
T Kaner, S Dalbayrak, T Oktenoglu, M Sasani, AL Aydin, AF Ozer
Orthopedics 33 (5), 309-316, 2010
Utilizing dynamic rods with dynamic screws in the surgical treatment of chronic instability: a prospective clinical study
T Kaner, M Sasani, T Oktenoglu, M Cosar, AF Ozer
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A short history of posterior dynamic stabilization
C Gomleksiz, M Sasani, T Oktenoglu, AF Ozer
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Anatomic assessment of variations in Kambin's triangle: a surgical and cadaver study
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World neurosurgery 100, 498-503, 2017
Minimum two-year follow-up of cases with recurrent disc herniation treated with microdiscectomy and posterior dynamic transpedicular stabilisation
T Kaner, M Sasani, T Oktenoglu, AL Aydin, AF Ozer
The Open Orthopaedics Journal 4, 120, 2010
Pedicle screw-based posterior dynamic stabilisation of the lumbar spine: in vitro cadaver investigation and a finite element study
T Oktenoglu, DU Erbulut, A Kiapour, AF Ozer, I Lazoglu, T Kaner, ...
Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 18 (11), 1252-1261, 2015
Clinical analysis of 21 cases of spinal cord ependymoma: positive clinical results of gross total resection
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A rehabilitation protocol for patients with lumbar degenerative disk disease treated with lumbar total disk replacement
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Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation 92 (4), 670-676, 2011
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T Kaner, M Sasani, T Oktenoglu, AL Aydin, AF Ozer
SAS journal 4 (4), 99-106, 2010
Excision of an asymptomatic cervical intradural neurenteric cyst through the anterior approach: a study of two cases and a review of the literature
M Sasani, AF Ozer, BT Oktenoglu, K Peker, MH Bozkus, AC Sarioglu
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Recurrent radiculopathy caused by epidural gas after spinal surgery: report of four cases and literature review
M Sasani, AF Ozer, T Oktenoglu, M Cosar, E Karaarslan, AC Sarioglu
Spine 32 (10), E320-E325, 2007
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