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Ugur Korkut Pata
Ugur Korkut Pata
Mustafa Kemal University; European University of Lefke; ERF
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Renewable energy consumption, urbanization, financial development, income and CO2 emissions in Turkey: testing EKC hypothesis with structural breaks
UK Pata
Journal of cleaner production 187, 770-779, 2018
Investigating the EKC hypothesis with renewable energy consumption, human capital, globalization and trade openness for China: evidence from augmented ARDL approach with a …
UK Pata, AE Caglar
Energy 216, 119220, 2021
Renewable and non-renewable energy consumption, economic complexity, CO2 emissions, and ecological footprint in the USA: testing the EKC hypothesis with a …
UK Pata
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 846-861, 2021
Linking renewable energy, globalization, agriculture, CO2 emissions and ecological footprint in BRIC countries: A sustainability perspective
UK Pata
Renewable Energy 173, 197-208, 2021
Investigating the EKC hypothesis for China: the role of economic complexity on ecological footprint
V Yilanci, UK Pata
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (26), 32683-32694, 2020
Endorsing sustainable development in BRICS: The role of technological innovation, renewable energy consumption, and natural resources in limiting carbon emission
TS Adebayo, S Ullah, MT Kartal, K Ali, UK Pata, M Ağa
Science of the Total Environment 859, 160181, 2023
The influence of coal and noncarbohydrate energy consumption on CO2 emissions: revisiting the environmental Kuznets curve hypothesis for Turkey
UK Pata
Energy 160, 1115-1123, 2018
Do renewable and nuclear energy enhance environmental quality in France? A new EKC approach with the load capacity factor
UK Pata, A Samour
Progress in Nuclear Energy 149, 104249, 2022
The effect of urbanization and industrialization on carbon emissions in Turkey: evidence from ARDL bounds testing procedure
UK Pata
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 25 (8), 7740-7747, 2018
Testing the EKC hypothesis for the top six hydropower energy-consuming countries: evidence from Fourier Bootstrap ARDL procedure
UK Pata, M Aydin
Journal of Cleaner production 264, 121699, 2020
Determinants of the load capacity factor in China: a novel dynamic ARDL approach for ecological footprint accounting
UK Pata, C Isik
Resources Policy 74, 102313, 2021
Impact of nuclear and renewable energy sources on environment quality: Testing the EKC and LCC hypotheses for South Korea
UK Pata, MT Kartal
Nuclear Engineering and Technology 55 (2), 587-594, 2023
Financial development, globalization and ecological footprint in G7: further evidence from threshold cointegration and fractional frequency causality tests
UK Pata, V Yilanci
Environmental and Ecological Statistics 27 (4), 803-825, 2020
Role of export diversification and renewable energy on the load capacity factor in Indonesia: a Fourier quantile causality approach
Z Fareed, S Salem, TS Adebayo, UK Pata, F Shahzad
Frontiers in Environmental Science 9, 770152, 2021
Role of green technology, environmental taxes, and green energy towards sustainable environment: insights from sovereign Nordic countries by CS-ARDL approach
A Sharif, MT Kartal, FV Bekun, UK Pata, CL Foon, SK Depren
Gondwana Research 117, 194-206, 2023
Are natural resources abundance and human development a solution for environmental pressure? Evidence from top ten countries with the largest ecological footprint
UK Pata, M Aydin, I Haouas
Resources policy 70, 101923, 2021
Convergence of per capita ecological footprint among the ASEAN-5 countries: evidence from a non-linear panel unit root test
V Yilanci, UK Pata
Ecological Indicators 113, 106178, 2020
An evaluation of the tourism-induced environmental Kuznets curve (T-EKC) hypothesis: evidence from G7 Countries
C Ișik, M Ahmad, UK Pata, S Ongan, M Radulescu, FF Adedoyin, ...
Sustainability 12 (21), 9150, 2020
Do renewable energy and health expenditures improve load capacity factor in the USA and Japan? A new approach to environmental issues
UK Pata
The European Journal of Health Economics 22 (9), 1427-1439, 2021
The role of renewable and nuclear energy R&D expenditures and income on environmental quality in Germany: Scrutinizing the EKC and LCC hypotheses with smooth structural changes
UK Pata, MT Kartal, S Erdogan, SA Sarkodie
Applied Energy 342, 121138, 2023
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