Kenneth Gillingham
Kenneth Gillingham
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Energy efficiency economics and policy
K Gillingham, RG Newell, K Palmer
Annual Review of Resource Economics 1, 597-619, 2009
Peer effects in the diffusion of solar photovoltaic panels
B Bollinger, K Gillingham
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K Gillingham, K Palmer
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy 8 (1), 18-38, 2014
The rebound effect and energy efficiency policy
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The rebound effect is overplayed
K Gillingham, MJ Kotchen, DS Rapson, G Wagner
Nature 493 (7433), 475-476, 2013
Modeling endogenous technological change for climate policy analysis
K Gillingham, RG Newell, WA Pizer
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K Gillingham, M Harding, D Rapson
Energy Journal, 37-62, 2012
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A van Benthem, K Gillingham, J Sweeney
Energy Journal, 131-151, 2008
Identifying the elasticity of driving: Evidence from a gasoline price shock in California
K Gillingham
Regional Science and Urban Economics 47, 13-24, 2014
The microeconomic theory of the rebound effect and its welfare implications
N Chan, K Gillingham
Journal of the Association of Environmental & Resource Economists 2 (1), 133-159, 2015
Modeling uncertainty in integrated assessment of climate change: A multi-model comparison
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JS Shih, W Harrington, WA Pizer, K Gillingham
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Opportunities for advances in climate change economics
M Burke, M Craxton, CD Kolstad, C Onda, H Allcott, E Baker, L Barrage, ...
Science 352 (6283), 292-293, 2016
Using and improving the social cost of carbon
W Pizer, M Adler, J Aldy, D Anthoff, M Cropper, K Gillingham, ...
Science 346 (6214), 1189-1190, 2014
The Cost of Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
K Gillingham, JH Stock
Journal of Economic Perspectives 32 (5), 1-20, 2018
Selection on anticipated driving and the consumer response to changing gasoline prices
K Gillingham
Yale University Working Paper, 2012
Market failure and the structure of externalities
K Gillingham, J Sweeney
Harnessing renewable energy in electric power systems: Theory, practice …, 2010
8. Welfare and distributional effects of road pricing schemes for metropolitan Washington DC
E Safirova, K Gillingham, I Parry
Road Pricing: Theory and Evidence 9, 179, 2004
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