Yan Song
Yan Song
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Directional skip-gram: Explicitly distinguishing left and right context for word embeddings
Y Song, S Shi, J Li, H Zhang
NAACL, 175-180, 2018
Cross-lingual knowledge graph alignment via graph matching neural network
K Xu, L Wang, M Yu, Y Feng, Y Song, Z Wang, D Yu
ACL, 3156-3161, 2019
Topic memory networks for short text classification
J Zeng, J Li, Y Song, C Gao, MR Lyu, I King
EMNLP, 3120–3131, 2018
Cross language dependency parsing using a bilingual lexicon
H Zhao, Y Song, C Kit, G Zhou
ACL, 55-63, 2009
宋彦, 蔡东风, 张桂平, 赵海
软件学报 20 (9), 2366-2375, 2009
Encoding conversation context for neural keyphrase extraction from microblog posts
Y Zhang, J Li, Y Song, C Zhang
NAACL, 1676-1686, 2018
Generating Classical Chinese Poems via Conditional Variational Autoencoder and Adversarial Training
J Li, Y Song, H Zhang, D Chen, S Shi, D Zhao, R Yan
EMNLP, 3890-3900, 2018
Learning word representations with regularization from prior knowledge
Y Song, CJ Lee, F Xia
CoNLL, 143-152, 2017
Incorporating Context and External Knowledge for Pronoun Coreference Resolution
H Zhang, Y Song, Y Song
NAACL, 872–881, 2019
A Hybrid Approach to Automatic Corpus Generation for Chinese Spelling Check
D Wang, Y Song, J Li, J Han, H Zhang
EMNLP, 2517-2527, 2018
Joint Chinese Word Segmentation and Part-of-speech Tagging via Two-way Attentions of Auto-analyzed Knowledge
Y Tian, Y Song, X Ao, F Xia, X Quan, T Zhang, Y Wang
ACL, 8286-8296, 2020
ZEN: pre-training Chinese text encoder enhanced by N-gram representations
S Diao, J Bai, Y Song, T Zhang, Y Wang
arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.00720, 2019
Term recognition using conditional random fields
X Zhang, Y Song, AC Fang
NLPKE, 1-6, 2010
Improving Chinese Word Segmentation with Wordhood Memory Networks
Y Tian, Y Song, F Xia, T Zhang, Y Wang
ACL, 8274-8285, 2020
Joint learning embeddings for Chinese words and their components via ladder structured networks
Y Song, S Shi, J Li
IJCAI, 4375-4381, 2018
Using a Goodness Measurement for Domain Adaptation: A Case Study on Chinese Word Segmentation.
Y Song, F Xia
LREC, 3853-3860, 2012
Approach to Chinese word segmentation based on character-word joint decoding
Y Song, D Cai, G Zhang, H Zhao
Journal of Software 20 (9), 2236-2376, 2009
Iterative document representation learning towards summarization with polishing
X Chen, S Gao, C Tao, Y Song, D Zhao, R Yan
EMNLP, 4088–4097, 2018
Entropy-based training data selection for domain adaptation
Y Song, P Klassen, F Xia, C Kit
COLING, 1191-1200, 2012
Learning Chinese polarity lexicons by integration of graph models and morphological features
B Lu, Y Song, X Zhang, BK Tsou
AIRS, 466-477, 2010
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