Samuel A. Hurley
Samuel A. Hurley
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
cRGD-functionalized, DOX-conjugated, and 64Cu-labeled superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for targeted anticancer drug delivery and PET/MR imaging
X Yang, H Hong, JJ Grailer, IJ Rowland, A Javadi, SA Hurley, Y Xiao, ...
Biomaterials 32 (17), 4151-4160, 2011
Characterization of cerebral white matter properties using quantitative magnetic resonance imaging stains
AL Alexander, SA Hurley, AA Samsonov, N Adluru, AP Hosseinbor, ...
Brain connectivity 1 (6), 423-446, 2011
Multifunctional stable and pH-responsive polymer vesicles formed by heterofunctional triblock copolymer for targeted anticancer drug delivery and ultrasensitive MR imaging
X Yang, JJ Grailer, IJ Rowland, A Javadi, SA Hurley, VZ Matson, ...
ACS nano 4 (11), 6805-6817, 2010
Multifunctional SPIO/DOX-loaded wormlike polymer vesicles for cancer therapy and MR imaging
X Yang, JJ Grailer, IJ Rowland, A Javadi, SA Hurley, DA Steeber, S Gong
Biomaterials 31 (34), 9065-9073, 2010
Association of amyloid pathology with myelin alteration in preclinical Alzheimer disease
DC Dean, SA Hurley, SR Kecskemeti, JP O’Grady, C Canda, ...
JAMA neurology 74 (1), 41-49, 2017
Simultaneous variable flip angle–actual flip angle imaging method for improved accuracy and precision of three‐dimensional T1 and B1 measurements
SA Hurley, VL Yarnykh, KM Johnson, AS Field, AL Alexander, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 68 (1), 54-64, 2012
Advances in noninvasive myelin imaging
F Heath, SA Hurley, H Johansen‐Berg, C Sampaio‐Baptista
Developmental Neurobiology 78 (2), 136-151, 2018
Whole-brain ex-vivo quantitative MRI of the cuprizone mouse model
TC Wood, C Simmons, SA Hurley, AC Vernon, J Torres, F Dell’Acqua, ...
PeerJ 4, e2632, 2016
Rapid multicomponent T2 analysis of the articular cartilage of the human knee joint at 3.0 T
F Liu, R Chaudhary, SA Hurley, A Munoz del Rio, AL Alexander, ...
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 39 (5), 1191-1197, 2014
Multicomponent Relaxometry (mcDESPOT) in the Shaking Pup Model of Dysmyelination.
SA Hurley, P Mossahebi, AA Samsonov, AL Alexander, SC Deoni, ...
18th Annual Meeting of ISMRM, 0088, 2010
Inflammatory biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease plasma
AR Morgan, S Touchard, C Leckey, C O'Hagan, AJ Nevado‐Holgado, ...
Alzheimer's & Dementia 15 (6), 776-787, 2019
MPnRAGE: A technique to simultaneously acquire hundreds of differently contrasted MPRAGE images with applications to quantitative T1 mapping
S Kecskemeti, A Samsonov, SA Hurley, DC Dean, A Field, AL Alexander
Magnetic resonance in medicine 75 (3), 1040-1053, 2016
Advancing RF pulse design using an open‐competition format: report from the 2015 ISMRM challenge
WA Grissom, K Setsompop, SA Hurley, J Tsao, JV Velikina, AA Samsonov
Magnetic resonance in medicine 78 (4), 1352-1361, 2017
Alterations of myelin content in Parkinson’s disease: a cross-sectional neuroimaging study
DC Dean III, J Sojkova, S Hurley, S Kecskemeti, O Okonkwo, BB Bendlin, ...
PLoS One 11 (10), e0163774, 2016
CSF1R inhibitor JNJ-40346527 attenuates microglial proliferation and neurodegeneration in P301S mice
R Mancuso, G Fryatt, M Cleal, J Obst, E Pipi, J Monzón-Sandoval, E Ribe, ...
Brain 142 (10), 3243-3264, 2019
Detecting microglial density with quantitative multi-compartment diffusion MRI
SY Yi, BR Barnett, M Torres-Velázquez, Y Zhang, SA Hurley, PA Rowley, ...
Frontiers in Neuroscience 13, 81, 2019
Titer and product affect the distribution of gene expression after intraputaminal convection-enhanced delivery
ME Emborg, SA Hurley, V Joers, DPM Tromp, CR Swanson, ...
Stereotactic and functional neurosurgery 92 (3), 182-194, 2014
Optimal echo time for functional MRI of the infant brain identified in response to noxious stimulation
S Goksan, C Hartley, SA Hurley, AM Winkler, EP Duff, M Jenkinson, ...
Magnetic resonance in medicine 78 (2), 625-631, 2017
Extremely efficient and deterministic approach to generating optimal ordering of diffusion MRI measurements
CG Koay, SA Hurley, ME Meyerand
Medical physics 38 (8), 4795-4801, 2011
Whole-brain ex-vivo quantitative MRI of the cuprizone mouse
TC Wood, C Simmons, SA Hurley, AC Vernon, J Torres, F Dell'Acqua, ...
PeerJ Preprints 4, e2323v1, 2016
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