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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Preparation and characterization of nanometric Mn ferrite via different methods
MA Ahmed, N Okasha, SI El-Dek
Nanotechnology 19 (6), 065603, 2008
Magnetite–hematite nanoparticles prepared by green methods for heavy metal ions removal from water
MA Ahmed, SM Ali, SI El-Dek, A Galal
Materials Science and Engineering: B 178 (10), 744-751, 2013
Rare earth doping effect on the structural and electrical properties of Mg–Ti ferrite
MA Ahmed, E Ateia, SI El-Dek
Materials letters 57 (26-27), 4256-4266, 2003
Physico-mechanical and morphological features of zirconia substituted hydroxyapatite nano crystals
SF Mansour, SI El-Dek, MK Ahmed
Scientific reports 7, 43202, 2017
Extraordinary role of Ca2+ ions on the magnetization of LaFeO3 orthoferrite
MA Ahmed, SI El-Dek
Materials Science and Engineering: B 128 (1-3), 30-33, 2006
Characterization and annealing performance of calcium phosphate nanoparticles synthesized by co-precipitation method
MA Ahmed, SF Mansour, SI El-Dek, SM Abd-Elwahab, MK Ahmed
Ceramics International 40 (8), 12807-12820, 2014
Spectroscopic analysis of ferrite doped with different rare earth elements
MA Ahmed, E Ateia, SI El-Dek
Vibrational spectroscopy 30 (1), 69-75, 2002
Physico-mechanical properties of Mg and Ag doped hydroxyapatite/chitosan biocomposites
SF Mansour, SI El-Dek, SV Dorozhkin, MK Ahmed
New Journal of Chemistry 41 (22), 13773-13783, 2017
Effect of preparation conditions on the nanostructure of hydroxyapatite and brushite phases
SF Mansour, SI El-Dek, MA Ahmed, SM Abd-Elwahab, MK Ahmed
Applied Nanoscience 6 (7), 991-1000, 2016
S-TiO2/S-reduced graphene oxide for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
MH Elbakkay, WMA El Rouby, SI El-Dek, AA Farghali
Applied Surface Science 439, 1088-1102, 2018
Antifungal activity of zinc oxide nanoparticles against dermatophytic lesions of cattle
EM El-Diasty, MA Ahmed, N Okasha, SF Mansour, SI El-Dek, ...
Romanian j. biophys 23 (3), 191-202, 2013
Modification of Mn nanoferrite physical properties by gamma, neutron, and laser irradiations
MA Ahmed, SI El-Dek, SF Mansour, N Okasha
Solid state sciences 13 (5), 1180-1186, 2011
Size confinement and magnetization improvement by La3+ doping in BiFeO3 quantum dots
MA Ahmed, E Dhahri, SI El-Dek, MS Ayoub
Solid state sciences 20, 23-28, 2013
Complex relationship between alumina and selenium-doped carbonated hydroxyapatite as the ceramic additives to electrospun polycaprolactone scaffolds for tissue engineering …
MK Ahmed, R Ramadan, SI El-dek, V Uskoković
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 801, 70-81, 2019
Structural, mechanical and thermal features of Bi and Sr co-substituted hydroxyapatite
MK Ahmed, SF Mansour, MS Mostafa, R Darwesh, SI El-dek
Journal of Materials Science 54 (3), 1977-1991, 2019
Investigation of the physico-chemical properties of nanometric NiLa ferrite/PST matrix
MA Ahmed, SF Mansour, SI El-Dek
Solid State Ionics 181 (25-26), 1149-1155, 2010
Bi-modal improvement of the physico-chemical characteristics of PEG and MFe2O4 subnanoferrite
MA Ahmed, N Okasha, SF Mansour, SI El-Dek
Journal of alloys and compounds 496 (1-2), 345-350, 2010
Structure and cell viability of Pd substituted hydroxyapatite nano particles
SF Mansour, SI El-dek, M Ismail, MK Ahmed
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 4 (4), 045008, 2018
Improvement of physico-mechanical properties of Mg–Zn nanoferrites via Cr3+ doping
SF Mansour, MA Abdo, SI El-Dek
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 422, 105-111, 2017
Spectroscopic and structural analysis of Ca substituted La orthoferrite
MA Ahmed, R Seoudi, SI El-Dek
Journal of molecular structure 754 (1-3), 41-44, 2005
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