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Abdessamad Tridane
Abdessamad Tridane
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mathematical analysis of a virus dynamics model with general incidence rate and cure rate
K Hattaf, N Yousfi, A Tridane
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 13 (4), 1866-1872, 2012
Modeling the adaptive immune response in HBV infection
N Yousfi, K Hattaf, A Tridane
Journal of mathematical biology 63, 933-957, 2011
Stability analysis of a virus dynamics model with general incidence rate and two delays
K Hattaf, N Yousfi, A Tridane
Applied Mathematics and Computation 221, 514-521, 2013
Age-structured Modeling of COVID-19 Epidemic in the USA, UAE and Algeria
S Bentout, A Tridane, S Djilali, Touaoula, T Mohammed
Alexandria Engineering Journal, 2020
Android and ODK based data collection framework to aid in epidemiological analysis
A Raja, A Tridane, A Gaffar, T Lindquist, K Pribadi
Online Journal of Public Health Informatics 5 (3), 228, 2014
Thalassemia in the United Arab Emirates: why it can be prevented but not eradicated
S Kim, A Tridane
PloS one 12 (1), e0170485, 2017
Global stability analysis for a generalized delayed SIR model with vaccination and treatment
A Elazzouzi, A Lamrani Alaoui, M Tilioua, A Tridane
Advances in Difference Equations 2019 (532), 2019
A viral load-based cellular automata approach to modeling HIV dynamics and drug treatment
V Shi, A Tridane, Y Kuang
Journal of theoretical biology 253 (1), 24-35, 2008
Modeling the Impact of Unreported Cases of the COVID-19 in the North African Countries
S Djilali, A Benahmadi, Lahbib, Tridane, K Niri
Biology 9 (11), 2020
Modeling the interaction of cytotoxic T lymphocytes and influenzavirus infected epithelial cells
A Tridane, Y Kuang
Mathematical Biosciences & Engineering 7 (1), 171-185, 2009
A delay virus dynamics model with general incidence rate
K Hattaf, N Yousfi, A Tridane
Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems 22 (2), 181-190, 2014
Dynamics of Hepatitis C Virus Infection: Mathematical Modeling and Parameter Estimation
FA Rihan, M Sheek-Hussein, A Tridane, Yafia, R
Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena 12 (5), 33 - 47, 0
Improving Instructor-Student Communication Using Whatsapp: A Pilot Study
N Hedieh, A Tridane
proceeding of 2015 International Conference on Developments of E-Systems …, 2015
Mathematical modeling of the adaptive immune responses in the early stage of the HBV infection
K Allali, A Meskaf, A Tridane
International Journal of Differential Equations 2018 (1), 6710575, 2018
Agent-Based Modeling of the Hajj Rituals with the Possible Spread of COVID-19
AM Al-Shaery, B Hejase, A Tridane, NS Farooqi, H Al Jassmi
Sustainability 13, 6923, 2021
Global stability analysis of a generalized virus dynamics model with the immune response
K Hattaf, N Yousfi, A Tridane
Canadian Applied Mathematics Quarterly 20 (4), 499-518, 2012
Modeling of a Super-Spreading Event of the Mers-Corona Virus during the Hajj Season using Simulation of the Existing Data
H Alasmawi, N Aldarmaki, A Tridane
International Journal of Statistics in Medical and Biological Research 1, 24-30, 2017
Controllability of switched Hilfer neutral fractional dynamic systems with impulses
V Kumar, M Kostić, A Tridane, A Debbouche
IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information, 0-30, 2022
Optimal containment control strategy of the second phase of the covid-19 lockdown in morocco
M Lhous, O Zakary, M Rachik, EM Magri, A Tridane
Applied Sciences 10 (21), 7559, 2020
Cooperative system analysis of the Ebola virus epidemic model
K Kabli, S El Moujaddid, K Niri, A Tridane
Infectious Disease Modelling 3, 145-159, 2018
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