Daniel Alazard
Daniel Alazard
Professeur d'Automatique, ISAE
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Exact observer‐based structures for arbitrary compensators
D Alazard, P Apkarian
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control: IFAC‐Affiliated …, 1999
Missile autopilot design via a multi‐channel LFT/LPV control method
PC Pellanda, P Apkarian, HD Tuan
International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control: IFAC‐Affiliated …, 2002
Robustesse et commande optimale
D Alazard, C Cumer, P Apkarian, M Gauvrit, G Ferreres
Cépaduès-éditions, 1999
Mechanics and control of large flexible structures
JL Junkins
American Institute of aeronautics and astronautics, 1990
Robust H design for lateral flight control of highly flexible aircraft
D Alazard
Journal of guidance, control, and dynamics 25 (3), 502-509, 2002
Correlation between eletrokinetic mobility and ionic dyes adsorption of Moroccan stevensite
L Bouna, B Rhouta, M Amjoud, A Jada, F Maury, L Daoudi, F Senocq
Applied Clay Science 48 (3), 527-530, 2010
Launcher attitude control: Discrete-time robust design and gain-scheduling
O Voinot, D Alazard, P Apkarian, S Mauffrey, B Clément
Control engineering practice 11 (11), 1243-1252, 2003
Instability zones for isotropic and anisotropic multibladed rotor configurations
L Sanches, G Michon, A Berlioz, D Alazard
Mechanism and Machine Theory 46 (8), 1054-1065, 2011
Closed-loop control of formation flying satellites: Time and parameter varying framework
S Gaulocher, JP Chrétien, C Pittet, M Delpech, D Alazard
2nd Int. Symposium on Formation Flying Missions & Technologies, Washington, DC, 2004
H2 optimal and frequency limited approximation methods for large-scale LTI dynamical systems
P Vuillemin, C Poussot-Vassal, D Alazard
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 46 (2), 719-724, 2013
Robust 2-DOF H-infinity controller for highly flexible aircraft: Design methodology and numerical results
A Kron, J Lafontaine, D Alazard
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal 49 (1), 19-29, 2003
Avionics/Control co-design for large flexible space structures
D Alazard, T Loquen, H De Plinval, C Cumer
AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) Conference, 4638, 2013
Linear dynamic modeling of spacecraft with various flexible appendages and on-board angular momentums
D Alazard, C Cumer, K Tantawi
Poles residues descent algorithm for optimal frequency-limited ℋ2model approximation
P Vuillemin, C Poussot-Vassal, D Alazard
2014 European Control Conference (ECC), 1080-1085, 2014
Parametrically excited helicopter ground resonance dynamics with high blade asymmetries
L Sanches, G Michon, A Berlioz, D Alazard
Journal of Sound and Vibration 331 (16), 3897-3913, 2012
Introduction au filtre de Kalman
D Alazard
A robust multi-objective synthesis applied to launcher attitude control
O Voinot, D Alazard, A Piquereau
IFAC Proceedings Volumes 34 (15), 203-208, 2001
Modeling and control of a space robot for active debris removal
V Dubanchet, D Saussié, D Alazard, C Bérard, C Le Peuvédic
CEAS Space Journal 7 (2), 203-218, 2015
Dynamic modeling and analysis of spacecraft with variable tilt of flexible appendages
N Guy, D Alazard, C Cumer, C Charbonnel
Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control 136 (2), 2014
Design of a flight control architecture using a non-convex bundle method
M Gabarrou, D Alazard, D Noll
Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems 25 (2), 257-290, 2013
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