April M. Kloxin
April M. Kloxin
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Photodegradable hydrogels for dynamic tuning of physical and chemical properties
AM Kloxin, AM Kasko, CN Salinas, KS Anseth
Science 324 (5923), 59-63, 2009
Designing degradable hydrogels for orthogonal control of cell microenvironments
PM Kharkar, KL Kiick, AM Kloxin
Chemical Society Reviews 42 (17), 7335-7372, 2013
Mechanical properties of cellularly responsive hydrogels and their experimental determination
AM Kloxin, CJ Kloxin, CN Bowman, KS Anseth
Advanced materials 22 (31), 3484-3494, 2010
In situ elasticity modulation with dynamic substrates to direct cell phenotype
AM Kloxin, JA Benton, KS Anseth
Biomaterials 31 (1), 1-8, 2010
Synthesis of photodegradable hydrogels as dynamically tunable cell culture platforms
AM Kloxin, MW Tibbitt, KS Anseth
Nature protocols 5 (12), 1867-1887, 2010
Tunable hydrogels for external manipulation of cellular microenvironments through controlled photodegradation
AM Kloxin, MW Tibbitt, AM Kasko, JA Fairbairn, KS Anseth
Advanced materials 22 (1), 61-66, 2010
Metastatic melanoma–a review of current and future treatment options
E Maverakis, LA Cornelius, GM Bowen, T Phan, FB Patel, S Fitzmaurice, ...
Acta dermato-venereologica 95 (5), 516-527, 2015
Redirecting valvular myofibroblasts into dormant fibroblasts through light-mediated reduction in substrate modulus
H Wang, SM Haeger, AM Kloxin, LA Leinwand, KS Anseth
PloS one 7 (7), e39969, 2012
Mechanical properties and degradation of chain and step-polymerized photodegradable hydrogels
MW Tibbitt, AM Kloxin, LA Sawicki, KS Anseth
Macromolecules 46 (7), 2785-2792, 2013
Hydrogel scaffolds as in vitro models to study fibroblast activation in wound healing and disease
ME Smithmyer, LA Sawicki, AM Kloxin
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Thiol–ene click hydrogels for therapeutic delivery
PM Kharkar, MS Rehmann, KM Skeens, E Maverakis, AM Kloxin
ACS biomaterials science & engineering 2 (2), 165-179, 2016
Controlled two-photon photodegradation of PEG hydrogels to study and manipulate subcellular interactions on soft materials
MW Tibbitt, AM Kloxin, KU Dyamenahalli, KS Anseth
Soft matter 6 (20), 5100-5108, 2010
Design of thiol-and light-sensitive degradable hydrogels using Michael-type addition reactions
PM Kharkar, KL Kiick, AM Kloxin
Polymer chemistry 6 (31), 5565-5574, 2015
Design of thiol–ene photoclick hydrogels using facile techniques for cell culture applications
LA Sawicki, AM Kloxin
Biomaterials science 2 (11), 1612-1626, 2014
Synthetic hydrogel platform for three-dimensional culture of embryonic stem cell-derived motor neurons
DD McKinnon, AM Kloxin, KS Anseth
Biomaterials Science 1 (5), 460-469, 2013
Device specific pagination of dynamically rendered data
ME Gibbs, SS Niyogi, GD Schechter, KN Nye
US Patent 7,441,047, 2008
Self-healing boronic acid-based hydrogels for 3D co-cultures
ME Smithmyer, CC Deng, SE Cassel, PJ LeValley, BS Sumerlin, ...
ACS macro letters 7 (9), 1105-1110, 2018
Responsive culture platform to examine the influence of microenvironmental geometry on cell function in 3D
AM Kloxin, KJR Lewis, CA DeForest, G Seedorf, MW Tibbitt, ...
Integrative Biology 4 (12), 1540-1549, 2012
Tuning and predicting mesh size and protein release from step growth hydrogels
MS Rehmann, KM Skeens, PM Kharkar, EM Ford, E Maverakis, KH Lee, ...
Biomacromolecules 18 (10), 3131-3142, 2017
Dually degradable click hydrogels for controlled degradation and protein release
PM Kharkar, AM Kloxin, KL Kiick
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (34), 5511-5521, 2014
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