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Alıntı yapanlar
H2 (v= 0, 1)+ C+ (2P)→ H+ CH+ state-to-state rate constants for chemical pumping models in astrophysical media
A Zanchet, B Godard, N Bulut, O Roncero, P Halvick, J Cernicharo
The Astrophysical Journal 766 (2), 80, 2013
A detailed quantum mechanical and quasiclassical trajectory study on the dynamics of the H++ H2→ H2+ H+ exchange reaction
T González-Lezana, O Roncero, P Honvault, JM Launay, N Bulut, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 125 (9), 2006
Characterization of Mg-containing hydroxyapatites synthesized by combustion method
O Kaygili, S Keser, N Bulut, T Ates
Physica B: Condensed Matter 537, 63-67, 2018
On the dynamics of the H++ D2 (v=, j=)→ HD+ D+ reaction: A comparison between theory and experiment
E Carmona-Novillo, T González-Lezana, O Roncero, P Honvault, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 128 (1), 2008
The dynamics of the H++ D 2 reaction: a comparison of quantum mechanical wavepacket, quasi-classical and statistical-quasi-classical results
PG Jambrina, FJ Aoiz, N Bulut, SC Smith, GG Balint-Kurti, M Hankel
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (5), 1102-1115, 2010
Electronic, optical, and spectroscopic analysis of TBADN organic semiconductor: Experiment and theory
C Orek, B Gündüz, O Kaygili, N Bulut
Chemical Physics Letters 678, 130-138, 2017
State-to-state chemistry and rotational excitation of CH+ in photon-dominated regions
A Faure, P Halvick, T Stoecklin, P Honvault, MD Epée Epée, JZ Mezei, ...
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 469 (1), 612-620, 2017
OH+ in astrophysical media: State-to-state formation rates, Einstein coefficients and inelastic collision rates with He
S Gómez-Carrasco, B Godard, F Lique, N Bulut, J Kłos, O Roncero, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 794 (1), 33, 2014
Effects of strontium-erbium co-doping on the structural properties of hydroxyapatite: An Experimental and theoretical study
BK Mahmood, O Kaygili, N Bulut, SV Dorozhkin, T Ates, S Koytepe, ...
Ceramics International 46 (10), 16354-16363, 2020
Temperature dependent structural and vibrational properties of hydroxyapatite: A theoretical and experimental study
MH Kebiroglu, C Orek, N Bulut, O Kaygili, S Keser, T Ates
Ceramics International 43 (17), 15899-15904, 2017
The effect of simulating body fluid on the structural properties of hydroxyapatite synthesized in the presence of citric acid
O Kaygili, S Keser, M Kom, N Bulut, SV Dorozhkin
Progress in biomaterials 5, 173-182, 2016
Time-dependent wave packet and quasiclassical trajectory study of the C (P3)+ OH (X Π2)→ CO (X Σ1+)+ H (S2) reaction at the state-to-state level
N Bulut, A Zanchet, P Honvault, B Bussery-Honvault, L Bañares
The Journal of chemical physics 130 (19), 2009
Quantum and quasi-classical calculations for the S++ H 2 (v, j)→ SH+(v′, j′)+ H reactive collisions
A Zanchet, O Roncero, N Bulut
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (16), 11391-11400, 2016
The effects of Ni-addition on the crystal structure, thermal properties and morphology of Mg-based hydroxyapatites synthesized by a wet chemical method
T İnce, O Kaygili, C Tatar, N Bulut, S Koytepe, T Ates
Ceramics International 44 (12), 14036-14043, 2018
Real wave packet and quasiclassical trajectory studies of the H++ LiH reaction
N Bulut, JF Castillo, FJ Aoiz, L Banares
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (6), 821-827, 2008
Structural and optical characterization of Sm-doped ZnO nanoparticles
HE Okur, N Bulut, T Ates, O Kaygili
Bulletin of Materials Science 42, 1-9, 2019
Wave packet and quasiclassical trajectory calculations for the N (2D)+ H2 reaction and its isotopic variants
JF Castillo, N Bulut, L Banares, F Gogtas
Chemical physics 332 (1), 119-131, 2007
Accurate Time-Dependent Wave Packet Study of the Li + H2+ Reaction and Its Isotopic Variants
E Aslan, N Bulut, JF Castillo, L Bañares, O Roncero, FJ Aoiz
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116 (1), 132-138, 2012
Gas phase Elemental abundances in Molecular cloudS (GEMS)-III. Unlocking the CS chemistry: the CS+ O reaction
N Bulut, O Roncero, A Aguado, JC Loison, D Navarro-Almaida, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 646, A5, 2021
Accurate Time-Dependent Wave Packet Calculations for the O+ + H2 → OH+ + H Ion–Molecule Reaction
N Bulut, JF Castillo, PG Jambrina, J Kłos, O Roncero, FJ Aoiz, L Bañares
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 119 (50), 11951-11962, 2015
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