Dr. Saroj Kumar Padhan
Dr. Saroj Kumar Padhan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Second order duality for the variational problems under ρ−(η, θ)-invexity
SK Padhan, C Nahak
Computers & Mathematics with Applications 60 (12), 3072-3081, 2010
Higher-order symmetric duality in multiobjective programming problems under higher-order invexity
SK Padhan, C Nahak
Applied Mathematics and Computation 218 (5), 1705-1712, 2011
Optimality conditions and duality results for non-differentiable interval optimization problems
AK Bhurjee, SK Padhan
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 50 (1-2), 59-71, 2016
Optimal gravitational search algorithm for automatic generation control of interconnected power systems, Ain Shams Eng
RK Sahu, S Panda, S Padhan
J 5 (3), 721-733, 2014
Application of fixed point results on rational F-contraction mappings to solve boundary value problems
GVV Jagannadha Rao, SK Padhan, M Postolache
Symmetry 11 (1), 70, 2019
Second-order duality for invex composite optimization
SK Padhan, C Nahak
Journal of the Egyptian Mathematical Society 23 (1), 149-154, 2015
Second-and higher-order generalised invexity and duality in mathematical programming
SK Padhan, C Nahak
International Journal of Mathematics in Operational Research 5 (2), 170-182, 2013
Second and higher order duality in Banach space under ρ−(η, θ)-invexity
SK Padhan, C Nahak, RN Mohapatra
Nonlinear Analysis: Hybrid Systems 5 (3), 457-466, 2011
Some fixed point results for (β-ψ1-ψ2)-contractive conditions in ordered b-metric-like spaces
SK Padhan, RGVV Jagannadha, HK Nashine, RP Agarwal
Filomat 31 (14), 4587-4612, 2017
Existence of fixed points for γ-FG-conractive condition via cyclic (α, β)-admissible mappings in b-metric spaces
SK Padhan, GVVJ Rao, A Al-Rawashdeh, HK Nashine, RP Agarwal
J. Nonlinear Sci. Appl 10, 5495-5508, 2017
FPGA based implementation for extracting the roots of real number
SK Padhan, S Gadtia, B Bhoi
Alexandria Engineering Journal 55 (3), 2849-2854, 2016
Higher-order symmetric duality with higher-order generalized invexity
SK Padhan, C Nahak
Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 48 (1-2), 407-420, 2015
Higher‐order generalized invexity in variational problems
SK Padhan, C Nahak
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences 36 (11), 1334-1341, 2013
Third order duality in nonlinear programming problems
SK Padhan, C Nahak
4OR 15 (1), 93-105, 2017
Solid transportation problem with budget constraints under interval uncertain environments
AK Bhurjee, P Kumar, SK Padhan
International Journal of Process Management and Benchmarking 7 (2), 172-182, 2017
Remarks on Heron's cubic root iteration formula
SK Padhan
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática 35 (3), 173-180, 2017
Control Problems With Kuhn-Tucker And Fritz John Generalized Invexity
SK Padhan, C Nahak, M Postolache
Journal of Mathematical Analysis 7 (3), 51-57, 2016
Second-order Symmetric Duality and Variational Problems
SK Padhan, PK Behera, RN Mohapatra
Mathematics and Computing, 49-57, 2015
Second-order symmetric duality with generalized invexity
SK Padhan, C Nahak
Topics in Nonconvex Optimization, 205-214, 2011
Square root formulae in the Śulbasũtras and Bakhshãlĩ manuscript
S Gadtia, SK Padhan, BK Bhoi
Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics 23 (1), 1-10, 2020
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