Tim Nuttle
Tim Nuttle
Civil & Environmental Consultants
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Assembly models and restoration practice in VM TempertonRJ HobbsT NuttleS Hale. Assembly rules and restoration ecology
J Lockwood, C Samuels
Washington, USA: Island Press, 2004
Historic disturbance regimes promote tree diversity only under low browsing regimes in eastern deciduous forest
T Nuttle, AA Royo, MB Adams, WP Carson
Ecological Monographs 83 (1), 3-17, 2013
Long‐term biological legacies of herbivore density in a landscape‐scale experiment: forest understoreys reflect past deer density treatments for at least 20 years
T Nuttle, TE Ristau, AA Royo
Journal of Ecology 102 (1), 221-228, 2014
Extremely long-distance seed dispersal by an overfished Amazonian frugivore
JT Anderson, T Nuttle, JS Saldaña Rojas, TH Pendergast, AS Flecker
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Legacy of top‐down herbivore pressure ricochets back up multiple trophic levels in forest canopies over 30 years
T Nuttle, EH Yerger, SH Stoleson, TE Ristau
Ecosphere 2 (1), 1-11, 2011
Assessing conservation value of bird communities with Partners in Flight-based ranks
T Nuttle, A Leidolf, LW Burger Jr
The Auk 120 (2), 541-549, 2003
Towards a structured approach to building qualitative reasoning models and simulations
B Bredeweg, P Salles, A Bouwer, J Liem, T Nuttle, E Cioaca, E Nakova, ...
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Densiometer bias? Are we measuring the forest or the trees?
T Nuttle
Wildlife Society (USA), 1997
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BK Trevelline, SC Latta, LC Marshall, T Nuttle, BA Porter
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Using exogenous quantities in qualitative models about environmental sustainability
B Bredeweg, P Salles, T Nuttle
AI Communications 20 (1), 49-58, 2007
DNA metabarcoding of nestling feces reveals provisioning of aquatic prey and resource partitioning among Neotropical migratory songbirds in a riparian habitat
BK Trevelline, T Nuttle, BD Hoenig, NL Brouwer, BA Porter, SC Latta
Oecologia 187 (1), 85-98, 2018
Evaluation of restoration practice based on environmental filters
T Nuttle
Restoration Ecology 15 (2), 330-333, 2007
Space and habitat use of breeding Golden-winged Warblers in the central Appalachian Mountains
MW Frantz, KR Aldinger, PB Wood, J Duchamp, T Nuttle, A Vitz, JL Larkin
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Representing and managing uncertainty in qualitative ecological models
T Nuttle, B Bredeweg, P Salles, M Neumann
Ecological informatics 4 (5-6), 358-366, 2009
Introduction: why assembly rules are important to the field of restoration ecology
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The flora of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi
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Are assembly rules apparent in the regeneration of a former uranium mining site
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Assembly Rules and Restoration Ecology: Bridging the Gap between Theory and …, 2004
Functional group interaction patterns across trophic levels in a regenerating and a seminatural grassland
W Voigt, J Perner
Assembly Rules and Restoration Ecology: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and …, 2004
Response of breeding bird communities to afforestation of hardwood bottomland sites in Mississippi
TJ Nuttle
Mississippi State University. Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 1997
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