Paula Ordonhez Rigato
Paula Ordonhez Rigato
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Maternal–fetal interaction: preconception immunization in mice prevents neonatal sensitization induced by allergen exposure during pregnancy and breastfeeding
AE Fusaro, CA Brito, JR Victor, PO Rigato, AL Goldoni, AJS Duarte, ...
Immunology 122 (1), 107-115, 2007
Heterologous Plasmid DNA Prime-Recombinant Human Adenovirus 5 Boost Vaccination Generates a Stable Pool of Protective Long-Lived CD8+ T Effector …
PO Rigato, BC de Alencar, JRC de Vasconcelos, MR Dominguez, ...
Infection and immunity 79 (5), 2120-2130, 2011
Mucosal and systemic anti-GAG immunity induced by neonatal immunization with HIV LAMP/gag DNA vaccine in mice
AL Goldoni, M Maciel Jr, PO Rigato, O Piubelli, CA de Brito, A Melo, ...
Immunobiology 216 (4), 505-512, 2011
Maternal immunization to modulate the development of allergic response and pathogen infections
PO Rigato, AE Fusaro, JR Victor, MN Sato
Future Medicine Ltd 1 (1), 141-156, 2009
Better CD4+ T cell recovery in Brazilian HIV-infected individuals under HAART due to cumulative carriage of SDF-1-3'A, CCR2-V64I, CCR5-D32 and CCR5-promoter 59029A/G polymorphisms
PO Rigato, MA Hong, J Casseb, M Ueda, I de Castro, G Benard, ...
Current HIV Research 6 (5), 466-473, 2008
Ascaris suum infection modulates inflammation: Implication of CD4+ CD25high Foxp3+ T cells and IL‐10
TO Titz, CAA de Araújo, CS Enobe, PO Rigato, TM Oshiro, ...
Parasite immunology 39 (9), e12453, 2017
Regulation of HIV-Gag expression and targeting to the endolysosomal/secretory pathway by the luminal domain of lysosomal-associated membrane protein (LAMP-1) enhance Gag …
RMC Godinho, FL Matassoli, CGO Lucas, PO Rigato, JLS Gonçalves, ...
PloS one 9 (6), e99887, 2014
CpG-induced Th1-type response in the downmodulation of early development of allergy and inhibition of B7 expression on T cells of newborn mice
CA De Brito, AE Fusaro, JR Victor, PO Rigato, AL Goldoni, BP Muniz, ...
Journal of clinical immunology 30 (2), 280-291, 2010
Immunization of neonatal mice with LAMP/p55 HIV gag DNA elicits robust immune responses that last to adulthood
PO Rigato, M Maciel Jr, AL Goldoni, O Piubelli, CA de Brito, AE Fusaro, ...
Virology 406 (1), 37-47, 2010
Maternal LAMP/p55gagHIV-1 DNA Immunization Induces In Utero Priming and a Long-Lasting Immune Response in Vaccinated Neonates
PO Rigato, M Maciel Jr, AL Goldoni, OG Piubelli, NM Orii, ET Marques, ...
PloS one 7 (2), e31608, 2012
Latrepirdine for Alzheimer’s disease: trials and tribulations
MN Sabbagh, C Berk
Future Neurology 5 (5), 645-651, 2010
Chemokine receptors expression on T cells and response to HAART among chronic HIV-1-infected subjects
A Brito, PO Rigato, A Almeida, SS Fernandes, CR Gonsalez, ...
Current HIV research 6 (6), 539-543, 2008
Clinical characteristics and survival analysis in frequent alcohol consumers with COVID-19
RW Alberca, PO Rigato, YÁL Ramos, FME Teixeira, ACC Branco, ...
Frontiers in Nutrition 8, 2021
Development of potent class II transactivator gene delivery systems capable of inducing de novo MHC II expression in human cells, in vitro and ex vivo
ML Palma, P Duangkhae, B Douradinha, IFT Viana, PO Rigato, R Dhalia, ...
Gene therapy 24 (6), 342-352, 2017
Characterization of monocyte-derived dendritic cells used in immunotherapy for HIV-1-infected individuals
LT da Silva, WC da Silva, A de Almeida, D da Silva Reis, BT Santillo, ...
Immunotherapy 10 (10), 871-885, 2018
CpG induces Th1 response in neonatal mice but does not suppress anaphylactic IgG1 response: possible role of low TLR-9 expression
CA Brito, AE Fusaro, JR Victor, AL Goldoni, PO Rigato, AJS Duarte, ...
Clinical Immunology, S78-S79, 2007
Long‑term effects of COVID‑19 in sickle cell disease: A case report
RW Alberca, RL Orfali, PO Rigato, AJDS Duarte, V Aoki, MN Sato
World Academy of Sciences Journal 3 (5), 1-5, 2021
R Gryschek, G Melo, F Paula, F Malta, C Maruta, P Criado, M Magri, ...
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 2017
Mariana de Lucena Palma, Parichat Duangkhae, Bruno Douradinha, Isabelle Freire Tabosa Viana, Paula Ordonhez Rigato, Rafael Dhalia, Robbie Bryan Mailliard||, Simon M. Barratt …
M Oshiro, AJ da Silva Duarte, TA Ernesto
42 Characterization of monocyte-derived dendritic cells used in immunotherapy for HIV-1-infected individuals
L Te Silva, WC Silva, DS Reis, B Te Santillo, PO Rigato, A Almeida, ...
Journal of Virus Eradication 2, 24, 2016
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