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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
McClear: a new model estimating downwelling solar radiation at ground level in clear-sky conditions
M Lefevre, A Oumbe, P Blanc, B Espinar, B Gschwind, Z Qu, L Wald, ...
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 6 (9), 2403-2418, 2013
Analysis of different comparison parameters applied to solar radiation data from satellite and German radiometric stations
B Espinar, L Ramírez, A Drews, HG Beyer, LF Zarzalejo, J Polo, L Martín
Solar Energy 83 (1), 118-125, 2009
Direct normal irradiance related definitions and applications: The circumsolar issue
P Blanc, B Espinar, N Geuder, C Gueymard, R Meyer, R Pitz-Paal, ...
Solar Energy 110, 561-577, 2014
A new statistical approach for deriving global solar radiation from satellite images
LF Zarzalejo, J Polo, L Martín, L Ramírez, B Espinar
Solar Energy 83 (4), 480-484, 2009
Fast radiative transfer parameterisation for assessing the surface solar irradiance: The Heliosat-4 method
Z Qu, A Oumbe, P Blanc, B Espinar, G Gesell, B GSCHwIND, L KLüSER, ...
Meteorologische Zeitschrift 26 (1), 33-57, 2017
Photovoltaic Forecasting: A state of the art
B Espinar, JL Aznarte, R Girard, AM Moussa, G Kariniotakis
Proceedings 5th European PV-Hybrid and Mini-Grid Conference, 250-255, 2010
Iterative filtering of ground data for qualifying statistical models for solar irradiance estimation from satellite data
J Polo, LF Zarzalejo, L Ramirez, B Espinar
Solar Energy 80 (3), 240-247, 2006
The role of energy storage for mini-grid stabilization
B Espinar, D Mayer
The HelioClim-1 database of daily solar radiation at Earth surface: an example of the benefits of GEOSS Data-CORE
M Lefèvre, P Blanc, B Espinar, B Gschwind, L Ménard, T Ranchin, L Wald, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2013
Screening and flagging of solar irradiation and ancillary meteorological data
N Geuder, F Wolfertstetter, S Wilbert, D Schüler, R Affolter, B Kraas, ...
Energy Procedia 69, 1989-1998, 2015
Surface solar irradiance estimation with low-cost fish-eye camera
C Gauchet, P Blanc, B Espinar, B Charbonnier, D Demengel
Workshop on “Remote Sensing Measurements for Renewable Energy, 2012
Analysis of the influences of uncertainties in input variables on the outcomes of the Heliosat-2 method
B Espinar, L Ramirez, J Polo, LF Zarzalejo, L Wald
Solar Energy 83 (9), 1731-1741, 2009
Estimating the photosynthetically active radiation under clear skies by means of a new approach
W Wandji Nyamsi, B Espinar, P Blanc, L Wald
Advances in Science and Research 12 (1), 5-10, 2015
HelioClim-3: a near-real time and long-term surface solar irradiance database
B Espinar, P Blanc, L Wald, B Gschwind, L Ménard, E Wey, C Thomas, ...
Workshop on" Remote Sensing Measurements for Renewable Energy", 2012
How close to detailed spectral calculations is the k-distribution method and correlated-k approximation of Kato et al.(1999) in each spectral interval?
W Wandji Nyamsi, B Espinar, P Blanc, L Wald
Meteorologische Zeitschrift, 547-556, 2014
A fusion method for creating sub-hourly DNI-based TMY from long-term satellite-based and short-term ground-based irradiation data
E Wey, C Thomas, P Blanc, B Espinar, M Mouadine, MH Bouhamidi, ...
Proc. SolarPACES Conf., Marrakesh, Maroc, 2012
On quality control procedures for solar radiation and meteorological measures, from subhourly to monthly average time periods
B Espinar, P Blanc, L Wald, C Hoyer-Klick, MS Homscheidt, T Wanderer
EGU General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, 22-27, 2012
Early achievements towards an automatic assessment of the uncertainty in solar irradiation using web services.
L Wald, P Blanc, B Espinar, B Gschwind, M Lefèvre, L Ménard, F Wald, ...
EnviroInfo, 309-318, 2011
Report on the harmonization and qualification of meteorological data: Project ENDORSE—Energy downstream service: providing energy components for GMES—Grant agreement no. 262892
B Espinar, L Wald, P Blanc, C Hoyer-Klick, M Schroedter-Homscheidt, ...
Paris, France: Armines. Accessed November 11, 2014, 2011
Controlling the quality of measurements of meteorological variables and solar radiation. From sub-hourly to monthly average time periods
B Espinar, P Blanc, L Wald, C Hoyer-Lick, M Schroedter-Homscheidt, ...
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2012, 2012
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