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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Applying a behavioural and operational diagnostic typology of competitive intelligence practice: empirical evidence from the SME sector in Turkey
S Wright, C Bisson, AP Duffy
Journal of Strategic Marketing 20 (1), 19-33, 2012
Competitive Intelligence and Information Technology Adoption of SMEs in Turkey: Diagnosing Current Performance and Identifying Barriers
christophe bisson and alistair duffy sheila wright
journal of intelligence studies in business 3 (2), 5-29, 2013
Exploring competitive intelligence practices of French local public agricultural organisations
C Bisson
Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business 4 (2), 2014
Application de méthodes et mise en place d'outils d'intelligence compétitive au sein d'une PME de haute technologie
C Bisson
Aix-Marseille 3, 2003
Guide de gestion stratégique de l'information pour les PME
C Bisson
Les 2 Encres, 2013
Strategic Early Warning System for the French milk market: A graph theoretical approach to foresee volatility
C Bisson, ÖY Diner
Futures 87, 10-23, 2017
Investigating the competitive intelligence practices of Peruvian fresh grapes exporters
C Bisson, MM Tang Tong
Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business 8 (2), 2018
Development of competitive intelligence tools and methodology in a French high-tech SME
C Bisson
Competitive Intelligence Magazine 13 (1), 18-24, 2010
The influence of social E-Atmospherics in practice: A website content analysis perspective
R Kervenoael, S Ozturkcan, C Bisson
7th International Marketing Trends Congress, Venice, January, 25-26, 2008
Une intelligence économique et stratégique pour les PME, PMI et ETI en France
C Bisson, H Dou
Vie sciences de l'entreprise, 164-179, 2017
Social media adoption: A process-based approach
A Toker, M Seraj, A Kuscu, R Yavuz, S Koch, C Bisson
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 26 (4), 344-363, 2016
Dissidents with an innovation cause? Non-institutionalized actors’ online social knowledge sharing, solution-finding tensions and technology management innovation
R De Kervenoael, C Bisson, M Palmer
Information Technology & People, 2015
Mise en place d’un Système de détection de Signaux Précoces pour une Intelligence Collective de l’Agriculture appliquée aux filières de l’élevage bovin
C Bisson, I Guibey, R Laurent, P Dagron
Proceedings of Congrès PSDR, 16th-19th June, 2012
A Bayesian approach to developing a strategic early warning system for the French milk market
C Bisson, F Gurpinar
Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business, 2017
Social media maturity and social media intention by SMEs in Turkey
A Toker, M Seraj, A Kuscu, R Yavuz, S Koch, C Bisson
Proceedings International Marketing Trends Conference, 1-16, 2015
When Sharing Less Means More: How Gender Moderates the Impact of Quantity of Information Shared in a Social Network Profile on Profile Viewers' Intentions About Socialization
L Baruh, Y Chisik, C Bisson, B Şenova
Communication Research Reports 31 (3), 244-251, 2014
Competitive Intelligence from being the “Eyes and the Ears” to becoming “the Brain” of Companies
C Bisson, A Barnea
Competitive Intelligence Review 22 (4), 2018
First impressions on social network sites: Impact of self-disclosure breadth on Attraction
L Baruh, Z Cemalcılar, C Bisson, Y Chisik
Proceedings of the 4th European Conference on Social Media, 54-62, 2017
La veille stratégique au service du management de la qualité
Technologies internationales (Strasbourg), 41-44, 2001
A Competitive Intelligence Practices Typology in an Airline Company in Turkey
M Sahin, C Bisson
Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 1-24, 2020
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