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Ayşe Tosun
Ayşe Tosun
Assoc. Prof. at Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Are students representatives of professionals in software engineering experiments?
I Salman, AT Misirli, N Juristo
2015 IEEE/ACM 37th IEEE international conference on software engineering 1 …, 2015
Analyzing the concept of technical debt in the context of agile software development: A systematic literature review
WN Behutiye, P Rodríguez, M Oivo, A Tosun
Information and Software Technology 82, 139-158, 2017
Empirical evaluation of the effects of mixed project data on learning defect predictors
B Turhan, AT Mısırlı, A Bener
Information and Software Technology 55 (6), 1101-1118, 2013
Validation of network measures as indicators of defective modules in software systems
A Tosun, B Turhan, A Bener
Proceedings of the 5th international conference on predictor models in …, 2009
Practical considerations in deploying statistical methods for defect prediction: A case study within the Turkish telecommunications industry
A Tosun, A Bener, B Turhan, T Menzies
Information and Software Technology 52 (11), 1242-1257, 2010
An industrial case study of classifier ensembles for locating software defects
AT Mısırlı, AB Bener, B Turhan
Software Quality Journal 19, 515-536, 2011
Reducing false alarms in software defect prediction by decision threshold optimization
A Tosun, A Bener
2009 3rd international symposium on empirical software engineering and …, 2009
Bayesian Networks for Evidence-Based Decision Making in Software Engineering
AT Misirli, AB Bener
IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 40 (6), 533 - 554, 2014
Practical considerations in deploying ai for defect prediction: a case study within the turkish telecommunication industry
A Tosun, B Turhan, A Bener
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Predictor Models in …, 2009
Empirical evaluation of the effects of experience on code quality and programmer productivity: an exploratory study
O Dieste, A Aranda, F Uyaguari, B Turhan, A Tosun, D Fucci, M Oivo, ...
Proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Software and System …, 2018
A systematic literature review on crowdsourcing in software engineering
A Sarı, A Tosun, GI Alptekin
Journal of Systems and Software 153, 200-219, 2019
Feature weighting heuristics for analogy-based effort estimation models
A Tosun, B Turhan, AB Bener
Expert Systems with Applications 36 (7), 10325-10333, 2009
Studying high impact fix-inducing changes
AT Misirli, E Shihab, Y Kamei
Empirical Software Engineering 21, 605-641, 2016
Ensemble of software defect predictors: a case study
A Tosun, B Turhan, A Bener
Proceedings of the Second ACM-IEEE international symposium on Empirical …, 2008
Ai-based software defect predictors: Applications and benefits in a case study
A Tosun, A Bener, R Kale
Proceedings of the AAAI conference on artificial intelligence 24 (2), 1748-1755, 2010
An industry experiment on the effects of test-driven development on external quality and productivity
A Tosun, O Dieste, D Fucci, S Vegas, B Turhan, H Erdogmus, A Santos, ...
Empirical Software Engineering 22, 2763-2805, 2017
Empirical evaluation of mixed-project defect prediction models
B Turhan, A Tosun, A Bener
2011 37th EUROMICRO Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced …, 2011
Ai-based software defect predictors: Applications and benefits in a case study
AT Misirli, A Bener, R Kale
AI Magazine 32 (2), 57-68, 2011
A systematic literature review on the applications of Bayesian networks to predict software quality
A Tosun, AB Bener, S Akbarinasaji
Software Quality Journal 25, 273-305, 2017
Prest: An Intelligent Software Metrics Extraction, Analysis and Defect Prediction Tool.
E Kocaguneli, A Tosun, AB Bener, B Turhan, B Caglayan
SEKE, 637-642, 2009
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