Charis Harley
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Approximate implicit solution of a Lane-Emden equation
E Momoniat, C Harley
New Astronomy 11 (7), 520-526, 2006
Transient heat transfer in longitudinal fins of various profiles with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity and heat transfer coefficient
RJ Moitsheki, C Harley
Pramana 77 (3), 519-532, 2011
An implicit series solution for a boundary value problem modelling a thermal explosion
E Momoniat, C Harley
Mathematical and Computer Modelling 53 (1-2), 249-260, 2011
Numerical investigation of the temperature profile in a rectangular longitudinal fin
C Harley, RJ Moitsheki
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications 13 (5), 2343-2351, 2012
First integrals and bifurcations of a Lane–Emden equation of the second kind
C Harley, E Momoniat
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 344 (2), 757-764, 2008
Alternate derivation of the critical value of the Frank-Kamenetskii parameter in cylindrical geometry
C Harley, E Momoniat
Journal of Nonlinear Mathematical Physics 15 (sup1), 69-76, 2008
Instability of invariant boundary conditions of a generalized Lane–Emden equation of the second-kind
C Harley, E Momoniat
Applied Mathematics and Computation 198 (2), 621-633, 2008
Two hybrid methods for solving two-dimensional linear time-fractional partial differential equations
BA Jacobs, C Harley
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2014, 2014
Asymptotic and dynamical analyses of heat transfer through a rectangular longitudinal fin
C Harley
Journal of Applied Mathematics 2013, 2013
Nonstandard finite difference method applied to a linear pharmacokinetics model
O Egbelowo, C Harley, B Jacobs
Bioengineering 4 (2), 40, 2017
Steady state solutions for a thermal explosion in a cylindrical vessel
C Harley, E Momoniat
Modern Physics Letters B 21 (14), 831-841, 2007
Heat as a hydraulic tracer for horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands
R Bonner, L Aylward, C Harley, U Kappelmeyer, CM Sheridan
Journal of water process engineering 16, 183-192, 2017
Heat transfer in a porous radial fin: Analysis of numerically obtained solutions
R Jooma, C Harley
Advances in Mathematical Physics 2017, 2017
Hopscotch method: The numerical solution of the Frank-Kamenetskii partial differential equation
C Harley
Applied Mathematics and Computation 217 (8), 4065-4075, 2010
Numerical simulation of unsteady triple diffusive mixed convection in NaCl-water and Sucrose-water solutions
PM Patil, A Shashikant, E Momoniat, C Harley
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 126, 147-155, 2018
A comparison of two hybrid methods for applying the time-fractional heat equation to a two dimensional function
BA Jacobs, C Harley
AIP Conference Proceedings 1558 (1), 2119-2122, 2013
Peaceman‐Rachford ADI scheme for the two dimensional flow of a second‐grade fluid
E Momoniat, C Harley
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow, 2012
Stokes's first problem for a rotating Sisko fluid with porous space
T Hayat, S Abelman, C Harley, AA Hendi
Journal of Porous Media 15 (12), 2012
Steady thermal analysis of two-dimensional cylindrical pin fin with a nonconstant base temperature
RJ Moitsheki, C Harley
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2011, 2011
Efficient boundary value problem solution for a Lane-Emden equation
C Harley, E Momoniat
Mathematical and Computational Applications 15 (4), 613-620, 2010
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