Meric Altinoz
Meric Altinoz
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
NF-nB, macrophage migration inhibitory factor and cyclooxygenase-inhibitions as likely mechanisms behind the acetaminophen and NSAID prevention of the ovarian cancer
MA Altinoz, R Korkmaz
Neoplasma 51 (4), 239-47, 2004
Impact of the coxsackie and adenovirus receptor (CAR) on glioma cell growth and invasion: Requirement for the C‐terminal domain
KC Huang, M Altinoz, K Wosik, N Larochelle, Z Koty, L Zhu, PC Holland, ...
International journal of cancer 113 (5), 738-745, 2005
Autophagy and nuclear changes in FM3A breast tumor cells after epirubicin, medroxyprogesterone and tamoxifen treatment in vitro
A Bilir, MA Altinoz, M Erkan, V Ozmen, A Aydiner
Pathobiology 69 (3), 120-126, 2001
Spinal hemangioblastoma containing metastatic renal cell carcinoma in von Hippel—Lindau disease: Case report and review of the literature
MA Altinoz, C Santaguida, MC Guiot, RF Del Maestro
Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine 3 (6), 495-500, 2005
β-Thalassemia trait association with autoimmune diseases: β-globin locus proximity to the immunity genes or role of hemorphins?
MA Altinoz, G Gedikoglu, G Deniz
Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology 34 (2), 181-190, 2012
A metabolic inhibitory cocktail for grave cancers: metformin, pioglitazone and lithium combination in treatment of pancreatic cancer and glioblastoma multiforme
I Elmaci, MA Altinoz
Biochemical genetics 54 (5), 573-618, 2016
Thymoquinone: An edible redox-active quinone for the pharmacotherapy of neurodegenerative conditions and glial brain tumors. A short review
I Elmaci, MA Altinoz
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy 83, 635-640, 2016
Noscapine and diltiazem augment taxol and radiation-induced S-phase arrest and clonogenic death of C6 glioma in vitro
MA Altinoz, A Bilir, RF Del Maestro, S Tuna, E Ozcan, G Gedikoglu
Surgical neurology 65 (5), 478-484, 2006
Employing volcanic tuff minerals in interior architecture design to reduce microbial contaminants and airborne fungal carcinogens of indoor environments
Y Gedikoglu, G Gedikoglu, G Berkin, T Ceyhan, MA Altinoz
Toxicology and industrial health 28 (8), 708-719, 2012
Medroxyprogesterone acetate alone or synergistic with chemotherapy suppresses colony formation and DNA synthesis in C6 glioma in vitro
MA Altinoz, A Bilir, E Ozar, FD Onar, A Sav
International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience 19 (6), 541-547, 2001
Hemoglobins, hemorphins, and 11p15. 5 chromosomal region in cancer biology and immunity with special emphasis for brain tumors
MA Altinoz, I Elmaci, B Ince, A Ozpinar, AM Sav
Journal of Neurological Surgery Part A: Central European Neurosurgery 77 (03 …, 2016
Medroxyprogesterone and tamoxifen augment anti‐proliferative efficacy and reduce mitochondria‐toxicity of epirubicin in FM3A tumor cells in vitro
MA Altinoz, A Bilir, G Gedikoglu, E Ozcan, G Oktem, M Muslumanoglu
Cell biology international 31 (5), 473-481, 2007
From epidemiology to treatment: Aspirin's prevention of brain and breast-cancer and cardioprotection may associate with its metabolite gentisic acid
MA Altinoz, I Elmaci, S Cengiz, E Emekli-Alturfan, A Ozpinar
Chemico-biological interactions 291, 29-39, 2018
Acetaminophen modulations of chemotherapy efficacy in MDAH 2774 human endometrioid ovarian cancer cells in vitro.
A Bilir, MA Altinoz, E Attar, M Erkan, A Aydiner
Neoplasma 49 (1), 38-42, 2002
Hemoglobins as new players in multiple sclerosis: metabolic and immune aspects
MA Altinoz, EM Ozcan, B Ince, S Guloksuz
Metabolic brain disease 31 (5), 983-992, 2016
Targeting the cellular schizophrenia. Likely employment of the antipsychotic agent pimozide in treatment of refractory cancers and glioblastoma
I Elmaci, MA Altinoz
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology 128, 96-109, 2018
Medroxyprogesterone acetate induces c6 glioma chemosensitization via antidepressant-like lysosomal phospholipidosis/myelinosis in vitro
MA Altinoz, G Gedikoglu, A Sav, E Ozcan, K Ozdilli, A Bilir, ...
International Journal of Neuroscience 117 (10), 1465-1480, 2007
Acetaminophen and DMSO modulate growth and gemcitabine cytotoxicity in FM3A breast cancer cells in vitro
A Bilir, AD Guneri, MA Altinoz
Neoplasma 51 (6), 460-464, 2004
Neuroprotective and tumoricidal activities of cardiac glycosides. Could oleandrin be a new weapon against stroke and glioblastoma?
I Elmaci, EE Alturfan, S Cengiz, A Ozpinar, MA Altinoz
International Journal of Neuroscience 128 (9), 865-877, 2018
The NF-κB signaling pathway: an important therapeutic target in psychiatric disorders
MA Altinoz, B Ince, C Tek, VH Srihari, S Guloksuz
Molecular psychiatry 23 (3), 490-491, 2018
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