Sally Entrekin
Sally Entrekin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of allochthonous organic matter dynamics and metabolism in streams
JL Tank, EJ Rosi-Marshall, NA Griffiths, SA Entrekin, ML Stephen
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 29 (1), 118-146, 2010
Rapid expansion of natural gas development poses a threat to surface waters
S Entrekin, M Evans-White, B Johnson, E Hagenbuch
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Hydraulic “fracking”: are surface water impacts an ecological concern?
GA Burton Jr, N Basu, BR Ellis, KE Kapo, S Entrekin, K Nadelhoffer
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TJ Hoellein, JL Tank, EJ Rosi-Marshall, SA Entrekin, GA Lamberti
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Unconventional oil and gas spills: risks, mitigation priorities, and state reporting requirements
LA Patterson, KE Konschnik, H Wiseman, J Fargione, KO Maloney, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 51 (5), 2563-2573, 2017
Unconventional oil and gas spills: Materials, volumes, and risks to surface waters in four states of the US
KO Maloney, S Baruch-Mordo, LA Patterson, JP Nicot, SA Entrekin, ...
Science of the Total Environment 581, 369-377, 2017
Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones
SD Tiegs, DM Costello, MW Isken, G Woodward, PB McIntyre, ...
Science Advances 5 (1), eaav0486, 2019
Responses in organic matter accumulation and processing to an experimental wood addition in three headwater streams
SA Entrekin, JL Tank, EJ ROSI‐MARSHALL, TJ Hoellein, GA Lamberti
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Distribution and dispersal of adult stream insects in a heterogeneous montane environment
MJ Winterbourn, WL Chadderton, SA Entrekin, JL Tank, JS Harding
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Response of secondary production by macroinvertebrates to large wood addition in three Michigan streams
SA Entrekin, JL Tank, EJ ROSI‐MARSHALL, TJ Hoellein, GA Lamberti
Freshwater Biology 54 (8), 1741-1758, 2009
Temporal variation in substratum-specific rates of N uptake and metabolism and their contribution at the stream-reach scale
TJ Hoellein, JL Tank, EJ Rosi-Marshall, SA Entrekin
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28 (2), 305-318, 2009
Meeting the challenge of interacting threats in freshwater ecosystems: A call to scientists and managers
LS Craig, JD Olden, AH Arthington, S Entrekin, CP Hawkins, JJ Kelly, ...
Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 5, 2017
Macroinvertebrate secondary production in 3 forested streams of the upper Midwest, USA
SA Entrekin, EJ Rosi-Marshall, JL Tank, TJ Hoellein, GA Lamberti
Journal of the North American Benthological Society 26 (3), 472-490, 2007
The response of Chironomidae (Diptera) to a long-term exclusion of terrestrial organic matter
SA Entrekin, JB Wallace, SL Eggert
Hydrobiologia 575 (1), 401-413, 2007
Growth and stoichiometry of a common aquatic detritivore respond to changes in resource stoichiometry
CL Fuller, MA Evans-White, SA Entrekin
Oecologia 177, 837-848, 2015
Declines in an abundant aquatic insect, the burrowing mayfly, across major North American waterways
PM Stepanian, SA Entrekin, CE Wainwright, D Mirkovic, JL Tank, JF Kelly
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (6), 2987-2992, 2020
Light and dissolved phosphorus interactively affect microbial metabolism, stoichiometry and decomposition of leaf litter
HM Halvorson, EE Scott, SA Entrekin, MA Evans‐White, JT Scott
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Salt in our streams: even small sodium additions can have negative effects on detritivores
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Stream macroinvertebrate communities across a gradient of natural gas development in the Fayetteville Shale
E Johnson, BJ Austin, E Inlander, C Gallipeau, MA Evans-White, ...
Science of the Total Environment 530, 323-332, 2015
Dietary influences on production, stoichiometry and decomposition of particulate wastes from shredders
HM Halvorson, C Fuller, SA Entrekin, MA Evans‐White
Freshwater Biology 60 (3), 466-478, 2014
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