Prof.Dr.Emine Dilara Koçak
Prof.Dr.Emine Dilara Koçak
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effects of ultrasonic energy on the wash fastness of reactive dyes
M Akalin, N Merdan, D Kocak, I Usta
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Effects of ultrasonic energy on dyeing of polyamide (microfibre)/Lycra blends
N Merdan, M Akalin, D Kocak, I Usta
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Effect of degumming performed with different type natural soaps and through ultrasonic method on the properties of silk fiber
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The study of the effects of different chemical compounds applied on luffa cylindrica fibres with the help of ultrasonic energy
E Koçak
The influence of ultrasonic energy on chemical treatment of surface properties and the properties of composites made of luffa cylindrical fiber-polyester resin
ED Koçak
Journal of engineering materials and technology 130 (4), 2008
Effects of Chemical Modifications on Mechanical Properties of Luffa cylindrica.
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Investigation of properties of polymer/textile fiber composites
M Taşdemir, M Akalin, D Koçak, İ Usta, N Merdan
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Research into the specifications of woven composites obtained from raffia fibers pretreated using the ecological method
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Sustainable innovations in textile chemical processes
SS Muthu
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Dyeing of Polypropylene Blends by Using Microwave Energy.
MA Burcu Yılmaz Sahinbaskan, Emine Dilara Koçak, Nigar Merdan
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Effect of the ecological methods on the surface modification of the kenaf fibers
Sİ MISTIK, ED Kocak, N Merdan
Materials Science 22 (3), 409-414, 2016
Recycled polyamide-6/waste silk & cotton fibre polymer composites: Effect of fibre length
M Taşdemir, D Koçak, N Merdan, U İsmail, M AKALIN
Marmara Fen Bilimleri Dergisi 25 (4), 157-166, 2013
Investigation of the filtration properties of medical masks
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Medical and Healthcare Textiles, 93-97, 2010
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