Brian Dennis Lichty
Brian Dennis Lichty
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Exploiting tumor-specific defects in the interferon pathway with a previously unknown oncolytic virus
DF Stojdl, B Lichty, S Knowles, R Marius, H Atkins, N Sonenberg, JC Bell
Nature medicine 6 (7), 821-825, 2000
VSV strains with defects in their ability to shutdown innate immunity are potent systemic anti-cancer agents
DF Stojdl, BD Lichty, JM Paterson, AT Power, S Knowles, R Marius, ...
Cancer cell 4 (4), 263-275, 2003
Going viral with cancer immunotherapy
BD Lichty, CJ Breitbach, DF Stojdl, JC Bell
Nature Reviews Cancer 14 (8), 559-567, 2014
Vesicular stomatitis virus: re-inventing the bullet
BD Lichty, AT Power, DF Stojdl, JC Bell
Trends in molecular medicine 10 (5), 210-216, 2004
Immunological considerations for COVID-19 vaccine strategies
M Jeyanathan, S Afkhami, F Smaill, MS Miller, BD Lichty, Z Xing
Nature Reviews Immunology 20 (10), 615-632, 2020
The murine double-stranded RNA-dependent protein kinase PKR is required for resistance to vesicular stomatitis virus
DF Stojdl, N Abraham, S Knowles, R Marius, A Brasey, BD Lichty, ...
Journal of virology 74 (20), 9580-9585, 2000
Intelligent design: combination therapy with oncolytic viruses
K Ottolino-Perry, JS Diallo, BD Lichty, JC Bell, JA McCart
Molecular Therapy 18 (2), 251-263, 2010
Carrier cell-based delivery of an oncolytic virus circumvents antiviral immunity
AT Power, J Wang, TJ Falls, JM Paterson, KA Parato, BD Lichty, DF Stojdl, ...
Molecular Therapy 15 (1), 123-130, 2007
Potentiating cancer immunotherapy using an oncolytic virus
BW Bridle, KB Stephenson, JE Boudreau, S Koshy, N Kazdhan, ...
Molecular Therapy 18 (8), 1430-1439, 2010
Neoadjuvant oncolytic virotherapy before surgery sensitizes triple-negative breast cancer to immune checkpoint therapy
MC Bourgeois-Daigneault, DG Roy, AS Aitken, N El Sayes, NT Martin, ...
Science translational medicine 10 (422), 2018
A let-7 MicroRNA-sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus demonstrates tumor-specific replication
RE Edge, TJ Falls, CW Brown, BD Lichty, H Atkins, JC Bell
Molecular Therapy 16 (8), 1437-1443, 2008
Targeting tumor vasculature with an oncolytic virus
CJ Breitbach, NS De Silva, TJ Falls, U Aladl, L Evgin, J Paterson, YY Sun, ...
Molecular Therapy 19 (5), 886-894, 2011
Maraba virus as a potent oncolytic vaccine vector
JG Pol, L Zhang, BW Bridle, KB Stephenson, J Rességuier, S Hanson, ...
Molecular Therapy 22 (2), 420-429, 2014
Getting oncolytic virus therapies off the ground
JC Bell, B Lichty, D Stojdl
Cancer cell 4 (1), 7-11, 2003
Synergistic interaction between oncolytic viruses augments tumor killing
F Le Boeuf, JS Diallo, JA McCart, S Thorne, T Falls, M Stanford, F Kanji, ...
Molecular Therapy 18 (5), 888-895, 2010
Cigarette smoke impacts immune inflammatory responses to influenza in mice
CS Robbins, CMT Bauer, N Vujicic, GJ Gaschler, BD Lichty, EG Brown, ...
American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 174 (12), 1342-1351, 2006
Induction of innate immunity against herpes simplex virus type 2 infection via local delivery of Toll-like receptor ligands correlates with beta interferon production
N Gill, PM Deacon, B Lichty, KL Mossman, AA Ashkar
Journal of Virology 80 (20), 9943-9950, 2006
Cutting edge: FimH adhesin of type 1 fimbriae is a novel TLR4 ligand
KL Mossman, MF Mian, NM Lauzon, CL Gyles, B Lichty, R Mackenzie, ...
The Journal of Immunology 181 (10), 6702-6706, 2008
Vesicular stomatitis virus as a novel cancer vaccine vector to prime antitumor immunity amenable to rapid boosting with adenovirus
BW Bridle, JE Boudreau, BD Lichty, J Brunellière, K Stephenson, S Koshy, ...
Molecular Therapy 17 (10), 1814-1821, 2009
BR tenOever, JM Paterson, AT Power, S
DF Stojdl, BD Lichty
Knowles, R. Marius, J. Reynard, L. Poliquin, H. Atkins, EG Brown, RK Durbin …, 2003
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