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Alıntı yapanlar
Identification of potent COVID-19 main protease (Mpro) inhibitors from natural polyphenols: an in silico strategy unveils a hope against CORONA
S Adem, V Eyupoglu, I Sarfraz, A Rasul, M Ali
MDPI AG, 2020
Caffeic acid derivatives (CAFDs) as inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2: CAFDs-based functional foods as a potential alternative approach to combat COVID-19
Ş Adem, V Eyupoglu, I Sarfraz, A Rasul, AF Zahoor, M Ali, M Abdalla, ...
Phytomedicine 85, 153310, 2021
Purification of rat kidney glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, and glutathione reductase enzymes using 2′, 5′-ADP Sepharose 4B affinity in a …
S Adem, M Ciftci
Protein Expression and Purification 81 (1), 1-4, 2012
Synthesis, spectroscopic characterizations, enzyme inhibition, molecular docking study and DFT calculations of new Schiff bases of sulfa drugs
S Alyar, T Şen, ÜÖ Özmen, H Alyar, Ş Adem, C Şen
Journal of Molecular Structure 1185, 416-424, 2019
Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial activity, carbonic anhydrase enzyme inhibitor effects, and computational studies on new Schiff bases of Sulfa drugs and their Pd (II …
S Alyar, C Şen, H Alyar, Ş Adem, A Kalkanci, UO Ozdemir
Journal of Molecular Structure 1171, 214-222, 2018
Investigation of the effects of some phenolic compounds on the Activities of glucose‐6‐phosphate dehydrogenase and 6‐Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase from human erythrocytes
S Adem, V Comakli, M Kuzu, R Demirdag
Journal of biochemical and molecular toxicology 28 (11), 510-514, 2014
In vitro effects of some flavonoids and phenolic acids on human pyruvate kinase isoenzyme M2
E Aslan, C Guler, S Adem
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry 31 (2), 314-317, 2016
Purification and biochemical characterization of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase, 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase and glutathione reductase from rat lung and inhibition …
S Adem, M Ciftci
Journal of enzyme inhibition and medicinal chemistry 31 (6), 1342-1348, 2016
Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial activity and carbonic anhydrase enzyme inhibitor effects of salicilaldehyde-N-methyl p-toluenesulfonylhydrazone and its Palladium (II …
S Alyar, Ş Adem
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 131, 294-302, 2014
In vitro effects of some flavones on human pyruvate kinase isoenzyme M2
E Aslan, S Adem
Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 29 (3), 109-113, 2015
6-Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase fuels multiple aspects of cancer cells: from cancer initiation to metastasis and chemoresistance
I Sarfraz, A Rasul, G Hussain, MA Shah, FA Zahoor, M Asrar, Z Selamoglu, ...
BioFactors, 2020
Synthesis, spectroscopic characterizations, carbonic anhydrase II inhibitory activity, anticancer activity and docking studies of new Schiff bases of sulfa drugs
S Alyar, ÜÖ Özmen, Ş Adem, H Alyar, E Bilen, K Kaya
Journal of Molecular Structure 1223, 128911, 2021
Effects of some drugs on human erythrocyte 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase: an in vitro study
S Adem, M Ciftci
Journal of Enzyme Inhibition and Medicinal Chemistry 22 (6), 751-754, 2007
The isolation of secondary metabolites from Rheum ribes L. and the synthesis of new semi-synthetic anthraquinones: Isolation, synthesis and biological activity
IH Gecibesler, F Disli, S Bayindir, M Toprak, AR Tufekci, AS Yaglıoglu, ...
Food Chemistry 342, 128378, 2021
Ginkgetin: A natural biflavone with versatile pharmacological activities
M Adnan, A Rasul, G Hussain, MA Shah, MK Zahoor, H Anwar, I Sarfraz, ...
Food and Chemical Toxicology 145, 111642, 2020
Pyruvate kinase activators as a therapy target: a patent review 2011-2017
S Adem, V Comakli, N Uzun
Expert opinion on therapeutic patents 28 (1), 61-68, 2018
Activation and inhibition effects of some natural products on human cytosolic CAI and CAII
S Adem, E Akkemik, H Aksit, P Guller, AR Tüfekci, İ Demirtas, M Ciftci
Medicinal Chemistry Research 28 (5), 711-722, 2019
Purification and Characterization of Glucose 6‐Phosphate Dehydrogenase, 6‐Phosphogluconate Dehydrogenase, and Glutathione Reductase from Rat Heart and Inhibition Effects of …
S Adem, M Ciftci
Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology 30 (6), 295-301, 2016
Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterizations of Novel Norcantharimides, Their ADME Properties and Docking Studies Against COVID‐19 Mpr°
H Özkan, Ş Adem
ChemistrySelect 5 (18), 5422-5428, 2020
Germacrone: A potent secondary metabolite with therapeutic potential in metabolic diseases, cancer and viral infections
A Riaz, A Rasul, N Kanwal, G Hussain, MA Shah, I Sarfraz, R Ishfaq, ...
Current Drug Metabolism 21 (14), 1079-1090, 2020
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