Dr. Rashidul Alam Mahumud
Dr. Rashidul Alam Mahumud
MSc (Stat), MPH (Epi), PhD (Health Econ), Assoc Editor (BMC Public Health)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
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Bangladesh health system review
WH Organization
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Prevalence of child marriage among Bangladeshi women and trend of change over time
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Prevalence and associated determinants of malaria parasites among Kenyan children
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Multiple regression analysis of anthropometric measurements influencing the cephalic index of male Japanese university students
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Is healthcare a ‘ Necessity ’ or ‘ Luxury ’ ? an empirical evidence from public and private sector analyses of South-East Asian countries?
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Prevalence and health care–seeking behavior for childhood diarrheal disease in Bangladesh
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Distribution and determinants of out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures in Bangladesh
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Determinants of adolescent maternal healthcare utilization in Bangladesh
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