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Seok-In Na
Seok-In Na
Professor, Jeonbuk National University (Chonbuk National University)
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Efficient and flexible ITO‐free organic solar cells using highly conductive polymer anodes
SI Na, SS Kim, J Jo, DY Kim
Advanced Materials 20 (21), 4061-4067, 2008
Plasmon enhanced performance of organic solar cells using electrodeposited Ag nanoparticles
SS Kim, SI Na, J Jo, DY Kim, YC Nah
Applied Physics Letters 93 (7), 305, 2008
Solution‐processable reduced graphene oxide as a novel alternative to PEDOT: PSS hole transport layers for highly efficient and stable polymer solar cells
JM Yun, JS Yeo, J Kim, HG Jeong, DY Kim, YJ Noh, SS Kim, BC Ku, SI Na
Advanced Materials 23 (42), 4923-4928, 2011
Time‐dependent morphology evolution by annealing processes on polymer: fullerene blend solar cells
J Jo, SS Kim, SI Na, BK Yu, DY Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 19 (6), 866-874, 2009
Highly efficient and stable planar perovskite solar cells with reduced graphene oxide nanosheets as electrode interlayer
JS Yeo, R Kang, S Lee, YJ Jeon, NS Myoung, CL Lee, DY Kim, JM Yun, ...
Nano Energy 12, 96-104, 2015
Evolution of nanomorphology and anisotropic conductivity in solvent-modified PEDOT: PSS films for polymeric anodes of polymer solar cells
SI Na, G Wang, SS Kim, TW Kim, SH Oh, BK Yu, T Lee, DY Kim
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (47), 9045-9053, 2009
Fabrication of organic bulk heterojunction solar cells by a spray deposition method for low-cost power generation
D Vak, SS Kim, J Jo, SH Oh, SI Na, J Kim, DY Kim
Applied Physics Letters 91 (8), 081102, 2007
Three‐Dimensional Bulk Heterojunction Morphology for Achieving High Internal Quantum Efficiency in Polymer Solar Cells
J Jo, SI Na, SS Kim, TW Lee, Y Chung, SJ Kang, D Vak, DY Kim
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Efficient polymer solar cells with surface relief gratings fabricated by simple soft lithography
SI Na, SS Kim, J Jo, SH Oh, J Kim, DY Kim
Advanced Functional Materials 18 (24), 3956-3963, 2008
Characteristics of indium-free GZO/Ag/GZO and AZO/Ag/AZO multilayer electrode grown by dual target DC sputtering at room temperature for low-cost organic photovoltaics
HK Park, JW Kang, SI Na, DY Kim, HK Kim
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93 (11), 1994-2002, 2009
Water‐soluble polyfluorenes as an interfacial layer leading to cathode‐independent high performance of organic solar cells
SH Oh, SI Na, J Jo, B Lim, D Vak, DY Kim
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Efficient polymer solar cells fabricated by simple brush painting
SS Kim, SI Na, J Jo, G Tae, DY Kim
Advanced Materials 19 (24), 4410-4415, 2007
High efficiency polymer solar cells via sequential inkjet-printing of PEDOT: PSS and P3HT: PCBM inks with additives
SH Eom, H Park, SH Mujawar, SC Yoon, SS Kim, SI Na, SJ Kang, D Khim, ...
Organic Electronics 11 (9), 1516-1522, 2010
Efficient work-function engineering of solution-processed MoS 2 thin-films for novel hole and electron transport layers leading to high-performance polymer solar cells
JM Yun, YJ Noh, JS Yeo, YJ Go, SI Na, HG Jeong, J Kim, S Lee, SS Kim, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (24), 3777-3783, 2013
Graphene oxide/PEDOT: PSS composite hole transport layer for efficient and stable planar heterojunction perovskite solar cells
DY Lee, SI Na, SS Kim
Nanoscale 8 (3), 1513-1522, 2016
Multilayer graphene films as transparent electrodes for organic photovoltaic devices
YY Choi, SJ Kang, HK Kim, WM Choi, SI Na
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 96, 281-285, 2012
Flexible organic solar cells composed of P3HT: PCBM using chemically doped graphene electrodes
S Lee, JS Yeo, Y Ji, C Cho, DY Kim, SI Na, BH Lee, T Lee
Nanotechnology 23 (34), 344013, 2012
Characteristics of flexible indium tin oxide electrode grown by continuous roll-to-roll sputtering process for flexible organic solar cells
KH Choi, JA Jeong, JW Kang, DG Kim, JK Kim, SI Na, DY Kim, SS Kim, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93 (8), 1248-1255, 2009
Significant vertical phase separation in solvent-vapor-annealed poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly (styrene sulfonate) composite films leading to better conductivity and …
JS Yeo, JM Yun, DY Kim, S Park, SS Kim, MH Yoon, TW Kim, SI Na
ACS applied materials & interfaces 4 (5), 2551-2560, 2012
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