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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Natural disturbance and patch dynamics: an introduction
PS White
Natural disturbance and patch dynamics, 3-13, 1985
The distance decay of similarity in biogeography and ecology
JC Nekola, PS White
Journal of biogeography 26 (4), 867-878, 1999
Pattern, process, and natural disturbance in vegetation
PS White
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CD Canham, JS Denslow, WJ Platt, JR Runkle, TA Spies, PS White
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Horticulture as a pathway of invasive plant introductions in the United States: most invasive plants have been introduced for horticultural use by nurseries, botanical gardens …
SH Reichard, P White
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JR Runkle
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Treefalls, regrowth, and community structure in tropical forests.
NVL Brokaw
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Approximating nature's variation: selecting and using reference information in restoration ecology
PS White, JL Walker
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The search for generality in studies of disturbance and ecosystem dynamics
PS White, A Jentsch
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Mountaintop mining consequences
MA Palmer, ES Bernhardt, WH Schlesinger, KN Eshleman, ...
Science 327 (5962), 148-149, 2010
A flexible, multipurpose method for recording vegetation composition and structure
RK Peet, TR Wentworth, PS White
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Scale dependence and the species-area relationship
MW Palmer, PS White
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Patch dynamics: a synthesis
STA Picket
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Microclimate moderates plant responses to macroclimate warming
P De Frenne, F Rodríguez-Sánchez, DA Coomes, L Baeten, ...
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CD Canham, PL Marks
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Quantitative tools for perfecting species lists
MW Palmer, PG Earls, BW Hoagland, PS White, T Wohlgemuth
Environmetrics: The official journal of the International Environmetrics …, 2002
Beta diversity of angiosperms in temperate floras of eastern Asia and eastern North America
H Qian, RE Ricklefs, PS White
Ecology Letters 8 (1), 15-22, 2005
Putting beta-diversity on the map: broad-scale congruence and coincidence in the extremes
MW McKnight, PS White, RI McDonald, JF Lamoreux, W Sechrest, ...
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Scale dependence of vegetation‐environment correlations: A case study of a North Carolina piedmont woodland
RA Reed, RK Peet, MW Palmer, PS White
Journal of Vegetation Science 4 (3), 329-340, 1993
Amicitia and the profession of poetry in early imperial Rome
P White
The Journal of Roman Studies 68, 74-92, 1978
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