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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A review of melatonin, its receptors and drugs
M Emet, H Ozcan, M Yayla, Z Halici, A Hacimuftuoglu
The Eurasian journal of medicine 48 (2), 135, 2016
Antioxidants attenuate multiple phases of formalin-induced nociceptive response in mice
A Hacimuftuoglu, CR Handy, VM Goettl, CG Lin, S Dane, RL Stephens Jr
Behavioural brain research 173 (2), 211-216, 2006
Comparative study on the gastroprotective potential of some antidepressants in indomethacin-induced ulcer in rats
H Suleyman, E Cadirci, A Albayrak, B Polat, Z Halici, F Koc, ...
Chemico-biological interactions 180 (2), 318-324, 2009
Boric acid as a protector against paclitaxel genotoxicity.
H Turkez, A Tatar, A Hacimuftuoglu, E Ozdemir
Acta Biochimica Polonica 57 (1), 2010
Fibroblast growth stimulation by extracts and compounds of Onosma argentatum roots
U Ozgen, M Ikbal, A Hacimuftuoglu, PJ Houghton, F Gocer, H Dogan, ...
Journal of ethnopharmacology 104 (1-2), 100-103, 2006
How olfaction disorders can cause depression? The role of habenular degeneration
E Oral, MD Aydin, N Aydin, H Ozcan, A Hacimuftuoglu, S Sipal, E Demirci
Neuroscience 240, 63-69, 2013
Cytotoxic and cytogenetic effects of α-copaene on rat neuron and N2a neuroblastoma cell lines
H Turkez, B Togar, A Tatar, F Geyıkoglu, A Hacımuftuoglu
Biologia 69 (7), 936-942, 2014
Indirect role of beta2-adrenergic receptors in the mechanism of anti-inflammatory action of NSAIDS
H Suleyman, Z Halici, E Cadirci, A Hacimuftuoglu, H Bilen
J Physiol Pharmacol 59 (4), 661-672, 2008
Indirect role of α2-adrenoreceptors in anti-ulcer effect mechanism of nimesulide in rats
H Suleyman, Z Halici, E Cadirci, A Hacimuftuoglu, S Keles, F Gocer
Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology 375 (3), 189, 2007
Mirtazapine protects against cisplatin‐induced oxidative stress and DNA damage in the rat brain
M Gulec, E Oral, OB Dursun, A Yucel, A Hacimuftuoglu, F Akcay, ...
Psychiatry and clinical neurosciences 67 (1), 50-58, 2013
METRNL attenuates lipid-induced inflammation and insulin resistance via AMPK or PPARδ-dependent pathways in skeletal muscle of mice
TW Jung, SH Lee, HC Kim, JS Bang, AM Abd El-Aty, A Hacımüftüoğlu, ...
Experimental & molecular medicine 50 (9), 1-11, 2018
Role of adrenal gland hormones in antiinflammatory effect of calcium channel blockers
H Suleyman, Z Halici, A Hacimuftuoglu, F Gocer
Pharmacological reports 58 (5), 692, 2006
Neuroprotective effects of farnesene against hydrogen peroxide-induced neurotoxicity in vitro
H Turkez, P Sozio, F Geyikoglu, A Tatar, A Hacimuftuoglu, A Di Stefano
Cellular and molecular neurobiology 34 (1), 101-111, 2014
Flavone polyphenols dominate in Thymus schimperi Ronniger: LC–ESI–MS/MS characterization and study of anti-proliferative effects of plant extract on AGS and HepG2 cancer cells
KT Desta, GS Kim, AM Abd El-Aty, S Raha, MB Kim, JH Jeong, M Warda, ...
Journal of Chromatography B 1053, 1-8, 2017
Cytotoxicity and genotoxicity of zingiberene on different neuron cell lines in vitro
B Togar, H Turkez, A Tatar, A Hacimuftuoglu, F Geyikoglu
Cytotechnology 67 (6), 939-946, 2015
The effect of household processing on the decline pattern of dimethomorph in pepper fruits and leaves
SW Kim, AM Abd El-Aty, MM Rahman, JH Choi, YJ Lee, AY Ko, OJ Choi, ...
Food control 50, 118-124, 2015
Effect of metformin/irinotecan-loaded poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid nanoparticles on glioblastoma: in vitro and in vivo studies
A Taghizadehghalehjoughi, A Hacimuftuoglu, M Cetin, AB Ugur, ...
Nanomedicine 13 (13), 1595-1606, 2018
The in vitro protective effect of salicylic acid against paclitaxel and cisplatin-induced neurotoxicity
D Cetin, A Hacımuftuoglu, A Tatar, H Turkez, B Togar
Cytotechnology 68 (4), 1361-1367, 2016
Indirect role of β2-adrenergic receptors in the mechanism of analgesic action of nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs
E Cadirci, H Suleyman, A Hacimuftuoglu, Z Halici, F Akcay
Critical care medicine 38 (9), 1860-1867, 2010
Long-term treatments with low-and high dose olanzapine change hepatocyte numbers in rats. A stereological and histopathological study
E Odaci, H Bilen, A Hacimuftuoglu, ON Keles, İ Can, M Bilici
Archives of medical research 40 (3), 139-145, 2009
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