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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Lipid droplet–organelle interactions: emerging roles in lipid metabolism
AD Barbosa, DB Savage, S Siniossoglou
Current opinion in cell biology 35, 91-97, 2015
Lipid partitioning at the nuclear envelope controls membrane biogenesis
AD Barbosa, H Sembongi, WM Su, S Abreu, F Reggiori, GM Carman, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 26 (20), 3641-3657, 2015
Conserved amphipathic helices mediate lipid droplet targeting of perilipins 1–3
ER Rowe, ML Mimmack, AD Barbosa, A Haider, I Isaac, MM Ouberai, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (13), 6664-6678, 2016
A prion-like domain in ELF3 functions as a thermosensor in Arabidopsis
JH Jung, AD Barbosa, S Hutin, JR Kumita, M Gao, D Derwort, CS Silva, ...
Nature 585 (7824), 256-260, 2020
Function of lipid droplet-organelle interactions in lipid homeostasis
AD Barbosa, S Siniossoglou
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research 1864 (9), 1459-1468, 2017
Regulation of lipid droplet and membrane biogenesis by the acidic tail of the phosphatidate phosphatase Pah1p
E Karanasios, AD Barbosa, H Sembongi, M Mari, GS Han, F Reggiori, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 24 (13), 2124-2133, 2013
PCYT1A regulates phosphatidylcholine homeostasis from the inner nuclear membrane in response to membrane stored curvature elastic stress
A Haider, YC Wei, K Lim, AD Barbosa, CH Liu, U Weber, M Mlodzik, ...
Developmental cell 45 (4), 481-495. e8, 2018
Role for Sit4p‐dependent mitochondrial dysfunction in mediating the shortened chronological lifespan and oxidative stress sensitivity of Isc1p‐deficient cells
AD Barbosa, H Osório, KJ Sims, T Almeida, M Alves, J Bielawski, ...
Molecular microbiology 81 (2), 515-527, 2011
Activation of the Hog1p kinase in Isc1p-deficient yeast cells is associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress sensitivity and premature aging
AD Barbosa, J Graça, V Mendes, SR Chaves, MA Amorim, MV Mendes, ...
Mechanisms of ageing and development 133 (5), 317-330, 2012
Compartmentalized synthesis of triacylglycerol at the inner nuclear membrane regulates nuclear organization
AD Barbosa, K Lim, M Mari, JR Edgar, L Gal, P Sterk, BJ Jenkins, ...
Developmental cell 50 (6), 755-766. e6, 2019
The ceramide-activated protein phosphatase Sit4p controls lifespan, mitochondrial function and cell cycle progression by regulating hexokinase 2 phosphorylation
AD Barbosa, C Pereira, H Osório, P Moradas-Ferreira, V Costa
Cell Cycle 15 (12), 1620-1630, 2016
Transcription factor Reb1p regulates DGK1-encoded diacylglycerol kinase and lipid metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Y Qiu, S Fakas, GS Han, AD Barbosa, S Siniossoglou, GM Carman
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (40), 29124-29133, 2013
Spatial distribution of lipid droplets during starvation: Implications for lipophagy
AD Barbosa, S Siniossoglou
Communicative & integrative biology 9 (4), e1183854, 2016
New kid on the block: lipid droplets in the nucleus
AD Barbosa, S Siniossoglou
The FEBS journal 287 (22), 4838-4843, 2020
An Erg11 lanosterol 14-α-demethylase-Arv1 complex is required for Candida albicans virulence
ML Villasmil, AD Barbosa, JL Cunningham, S Siniossoglou, JT Nickels Jr
Plos one 15 (7), e0235746, 2020
The pleiotropic roles of autophagy in Alzheimer's disease: From pathophysiology to therapy
BP Festa, AD Barbosa, M Rob, DC Rubinsztein
Current Opinion in Pharmacology 60, 149-157, 2021
Spatiotemporal Activation of Yeast Lipin Pah1 and Phospholipid Remodelling during Lipid Droplet Formation
A Barbosa, H Sembongi, GS Han, WM Su, G Carman, S Siniossoglou
The FASEB Journal 29, 715.4, 2015
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