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Hisham Abu Raiya
Hisham Abu Raiya
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A psychological measure of Islamic religiousness: Development and evidence for reliability and validity
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A decade of research on the psychology of religion and coping: Things we assumed and lessons we learned
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Religious coping among diverse religions: Commonalities and divergences.
H Abu-Raiya, KI Pargament
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Empirically based psychology of Islam: Summary and critique of the literature
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Religion as problem, religion as solution: Religious buffers of the links between religious/spiritual struggles and well-being/mental health
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Examining coping methods with stressful interpersonal events experienced by Muslims living in the United States following the 9/11 attacks.
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Towards a systematic Qura’nic theory of personality
H Abu-Raiya
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Reducing primary and secondary traumatic stress symptoms among educators by training them to deliver a resiliency program (ERASE-Stress) following the Christchurch earthquake …
R Berger, H Abu-Raiya, J Benatov
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Reducing prejudice and promoting positive intergroup attitudes among elementary-school children in the context of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict
R Berger, J Benatov, H Abu-Raiya, CT Tadmor
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Prevalence, predictors, and implications of religious/spiritual struggles among Muslims
H Abu‐Raiya, JJ Exline, KI Pargament, Q Agbaria
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54 (4), 631-648, 2015
When Muslims are perceived as a religious threat: Examining the connection between desecration, religious coping, and anti-Muslim attitudes
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Western psychology and Muslim psychology in dialogue: Comparisons between a Qura’nic theory of personality and Freud’s and Jung’s ideas
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Spiritual struggles as a possible risk factor for addictive behaviors: An initial empirical investigation
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An empirical examination of religious/spiritual struggle among Israeli Jews
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Lessons learned and challenges faced in developing the psychological measure of Islamic religiousness
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The process of desistance among core ex-gang members.
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Making meaning from personal loss: Religious, benefit finding, and goal-oriented attributions
CH Stein, KM Abraham, EE Bonar, CE McAuliffe, WR Fogo, DA Faigin, ...
Journal of Loss and Trauma 14 (2), 83-100, 2009
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