Wesley B Baker
Wesley B Baker
Research Associate, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Diffuse optics for tissue monitoring and tomography
T Durduran, R Choe, WB Baker, AG Yodh
Reports on Progress in Physics 73 (7), 076701, 2010
Modified Beer-Lambert law for blood flow
WB Baker, AB Parthasarathy, DR Busch, RC Mesquita, JH Greenberg, ...
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Fast blood flow monitoring in deep tissues with real-time software correlators
D Wang, AB Parthasarathy, WB Baker, K Gannon, V Kavuri, T Ko, ...
Biomedical optics express 7 (3), 776-797, 2016
The effect of right vagus nerve stimulation on focal cerebral ischemia: an experimental study in the rat
Z Sun, W Baker, T Hiraki, JH Greenberg
Brain stimulation 5 (1), 1-10, 2012
Comparison of adenosine echocardiography, with and without isometric handgrip, to exercise echocardiography in the detection of ischemia in patients with coronary artery disease
CB Tawa, WB Baker, NS Kleiman, A Trakhtenbroit, R Desir, WA Zoghbi
Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography 9 (1), 33-43, 1996
Early postoperative changes in cerebral oxygen metabolism following neonatal cardiac surgery: effects of surgical duration
EM Buckley, JM Lynch, DA Goff, PJ Schwab, WB Baker, T Durduran, ...
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery 145 (1), 196-205. e1, 2013
Neurovascular coupling varies with level of global cerebral ischemia in a rat model
WB Baker, Z Sun, T Hiraki, ME Putt, T Durduran, M Reivich, AG Yodh, ...
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Effect of vagus nerve stimulation during transient focal cerebral ischemia on chronic outcome in rats
T Hiraki, W Baker, JH Greenberg
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Pressure modulation algorithm to separate cerebral hemodynamic signals from extracerebral artifacts
WB Baker, AB Parthasarathy, TS Ko, K Busch, David R., Abramson, ...
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Blood flow reduction in breast tissue due to mammographic compression
DR Busch, R Choe, T Durduran, DH Friedman, WB Baker, AD Maidment, ...
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The biological effect of contralateral forepaw stimulation in rat focal cerebral ischemia: a multispectral optical imaging study
J Luckl, W Baker, ZH Sun, T Durduran, AG Yodh, JH Greenberg
Frontiers in neuroenergetics 2, 19, 2010
Noninvasive optical monitoring of critical closing pressure and arteriole compliance in human subjects
WB Baker, AB Parthasarathy, KP Gannon, VC Kavuri, DR Busch, ...
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L He, WB Baker, D Milej, VC Kavuri, RC Mesquita, DR Busch, ...
Neurophotonics 5 (4), 045006, 2018
Effects of exercise training on calf muscle oxygen extraction and blood flow in patients with peripheral artery disease
WB Baker, Z Li, SS Schenkel, M Chandra, DR Busch, EK Englund, ...
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DR Busch, CG Rusin, W Miller-Hance, K Kibler, WB Baker, JS Heinle, ...
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Calibration of diffuse correlation spectroscopy blood flow index with venous-occlusion diffuse optical spectroscopy in skeletal muscle
Z Li, WB Baker, AB Parthasarathy, TS Ko, D Wang, S Schenkel, ...
Journal of biomedical optics 20 (12), 125005, 2015
Detection of brain hypoxia based on noninvasive optical monitoring of cerebral blood flow with diffuse correlation spectroscopy
DR Busch, R Balu, WB Baker, W Guo, L He, M Diop, D Milej, V Kavuri, ...
Neurocritical care 30 (1), 72-80, 2019
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AB Parthasarathy, KP Gannon, WB Baker, CG Favilla, R Balu, SE Kasner, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 38 (2), 230-240, 2018
Longitudinal optical monitoring of blood flow in breast tumors during neoadjuvant chemotherapy
JM Cochran, SH Chung, A Leproux, WB Baker, DR Busch, AM DeMichele, ...
Physics in Medicine & Biology 62 (12), 4637, 2017
Continuous non-invasive optical monitoring of cerebral blood flow and oxidative metabolism after acute brain injury
WB Baker, R Balu, L He, VC Kavuri, DR Busch, O Amendolia, F Quattrone, ...
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 39 (8), 1469-1485, 2019
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