Bayram Cevdet Akdeniz
Bayram Cevdet Akdeniz
Post-Doc Researcher at Centre for Bioinformatics, University of Oslo üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Optimal Reception Delay in Diffusion-based Molecular Communication
BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tuğcu
IEEE Communications Letters 22 (1), 57-60, 2018
Position-based modulation in molecular communications
BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
Nano communication networks 16, 60-68, 2018
Impulse response of the molecular diffusion channel with a spherical absorbing receiver and a spherical reflective boundary
F Dinç, BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications 4 …, 2018
A general analytical approximation to impulse response of 3-D microfluidic channels in molecular communication
F Dinc, BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
IEEE transactions on nanobioscience 18 (3), 396-403, 2019
Molecular signal modeling of a partially counting absorbing spherical receiver
BC Akdeniz, NA Turgut, HB Yilmaz, CB Chae, T Tugcu, AE Pusane
IEEE Transactions on Communications 66 (12), 6237-6246, 2018
Exploration and topological map building in unknown environments
BC Akdeniz, HI Bozma
2015 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 1079-1084, 2015
Transmitter localization in vessel-like diffusive channels using ring-shaped molecular receivers
M Turan, BC Akdeniz, MŞ Kuran, HB Yilmaz, I Demirkol, AE Pusane, ...
IEEE Communications Letters 22 (12), 2511-2514, 2018
2-D channel transfer function for molecular communication with an absorbing receiver
BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tuğcu
2017 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 938-942, 2017
Local terrain mapping via 3D laser based bubble surfaces
BC Akdeniz, HI Bozma
2013 European Conference on Mobile Robots, 44-49, 2013
Novel network coding approaches for diffusion‐based molecular nanonetworks
BC Akdeniz, B Tepekule, AE Pusane, T Tuğcu
Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies 28 (7), e3105, 2017
Analytical derivation of the impulse response for the bounded 2-D diffusion channel
F Dinc, BC Akdeniz, E Erol, D Gokay, E Tekgul, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
Physics Letters A 383 (14), 1589-1600, 2019
Two-way communication systems in molecular communication
BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
2017 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and …, 2017
Equilibrium signaling: molecular communication robust to geometry uncertainties
BC Akdeniz, M Egan, BQ Tang
IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2020
The effective geometry Monte Carlo algorithm: Applications to molecular communication
F Dinc, L Thiele, BC Akdeniz
Physics Letters A 383 (22), 2594-2603, 2019
ISI-mitigating channel codes for molecular communication via diffusion
AO Kislal, BC Akdeniz, C Lee, AE Pusane, T Tugcu, CB Chae
IEEE Access 8, 24588-24599, 2020
Error probability calculation with reduced complexity for molecular communications
MC Gursoy, BC Akdeniz, T Tugcu, AE Pusane
2018 41st International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal …, 2018
Network coding applications in molecular communication
BC Akdeniz, B Tepekule, AE Pusane, T Tuğcu
2015 23nd Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU …, 2015
Equilibrium signaling in spatially inhomogeneous diffusion and external forces
M Egan, BC Akdeniz, B Tang
Spatial receptor allocation for a multiple access hub in nanonetworks
F Gokbudak, BC Akdeniz, T Tugcu, AE Pusane
IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications 5 …, 2019
On the input-output relationship for molecular communications in general first-order chemical reaction-diffusion systems
M Egan, BQ Tang, BC Akdeniz
Proceedings of the Sixth Annual ACM International Conference on Nanoscale …, 2019
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