Lesley A. Alton
Lesley A. Alton
School of Biological Sciences, Monash University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Metabolic cold adaptation in fishes occurs at the level of whole animal, mitochondria and enzyme
CR White, LA Alton, PB Frappell
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Morphology and burrowing energetics of semi-fossorial skinks (Liopholis spp.)
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Journal of Experimental Biology 218 (15), 2416-2426, 2015
Risk of predation enhances the lethal effects of UV‐B in amphibians
LA Alton, RS Wilson, CE Franklin
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Colder environments did not select for a faster metabolism during experimental evolution of Drosophila melanogaster
LA Alton, C Condon, CR White, MJ Angilletta Jr
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The origin and maintenance of metabolic allometry in animals
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The energetic cost of exposure to UV radiation for tadpoles is greater when they live with predators
LA Alton, CR White, RS Wilson, CE Franklin
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Effect of aerial O2 partial pressure on bimodal gas exchange and air-breathing behaviour in Trichogaster leeri
LA Alton, CR White, RS Seymour
Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (13), 2311-2319, 2007
Does greater thermal plasticity facilitate range expansion of an invasive terrestrial anuran into higher latitudes?
HS Winwood-Smith, LA Alton, CE Franklin, CR White
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A small increase in UV-B increases the susceptibility of tadpoles to predation
LA Alton, RS Wilson, CE Franklin
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MH Bernal, LA Alton, RL Cramp, CE Franklin
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Do high temperatures enhance the negative effects of ultraviolet-B radiation in embryonic and larval amphibians?
LA Alton, CE Franklin
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Relations between Conspecific Density and Effects of Ultraviolet‐B Radiation on Tadpole Size in the Striped Marsh Frog
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Warmer temperatures reduce the costs of inducible defences in the marine toad, Rhinella marinus
VO van Uitregt, LA Alton, J Heiniger, RS Wilson
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 186 (1), 123-130, 2016
Climate change and invasive species: a physiological performance comparison of invasive and endemic bees in Fiji
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Warmer temperatures reduce the costs of inducible defences in the marine toad, Rhinella marinus.
V Uitregt, L Alton, J Heiniger, R Wilson
Journal of Comparative Physiology B: Biochemical, Systemic & Environmental …, 2016
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