Arusha Cooray
Arusha Cooray
Professor of Economics University of Nottingham Malaysia üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Government expenditure, governance and economic growth
A Cooray
Comparative Economic Studies 51 (3), 401-418, 2009
Gender inequality in education: Political institutions or culture and religion?
A Cooray, N Potrafke
European Journal of Political Economy 27 (2), 268-280, 2011
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A Cooray
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A Cooray
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Financial development, political rights, civil liberties and economic growth: Evidence from South Asia
S Anwar, A Cooray
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The role of education in economic growth
AV Cooray
Available at SSRN 1520160, 2009
The efficiency of emerging stock markets: Empirical evidence from the South Asian region
A Cooray, G Wickremasinghe
The Journal of Developing Areas, 171-183, 2007
Migrant remittances, financial sector development and the government ownership of banks: Evidence from a group of non-OECD economies
A Cooray
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money 22 (4 …, 2012
Does corruption promote emigration? An empirical examination
A Cooray, F Schneider
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Estimating and forecasting residential electricity demand in Iran
E Pourazarm, A Cooray
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A Cooray
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The Fisher effect: A review of the literature
A Cooray
Macquarie University, Department of Economics, 2002
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A Cooray
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Does health capital have differential effects on economic growth?
A Cooray
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Asymmetric interest rate pass-through in the US, the UK and Australia: New evidence from selected individual banks
N Apergis, A Cooray
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Transparency pays? Evaluating the effects of the freedom of information laws on perceived government corruption
KC Vadlamannati, A Cooray
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International business cycles and remittance flows
A Cooray, D Mallick
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Does corruption throw sand into or grease the wheels of financial sector development?
A Cooray, F Schneider
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Gender‐specific Human Capital, Openness and Growth: Exploring the Linkages for S outh A sia
A Cooray, S Mallick, N Dutta
Review of Development Economics 18 (1), 107-122, 2014
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