Rakez Kayed
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Common structure of soluble amyloid oligomers implies common mechanism of pathogenesis
R Kayed, E Head, JL Thompson, TM McIntire, SC Milton, CW Cotman, ...
Science 300 (5618), 486-489, 2003
Triple-transgenic model of Alzheimer's disease with plaques and tangles: intracellular Aβ and synaptic dysfunction
S Oddo, A Caccamo, JD Shepherd, MP Murphy, TE Golde, R Kayed, ...
Neuron 39 (3), 409-421, 2003
A specific amyloid-β protein assembly in the brain impairs memory
S Lesné, MT Koh, L Kotilinek, R Kayed, CG Glabe, A Yang, M Gallagher, ...
Nature 440 (7082), 352-357, 2006
Curcumin inhibits formation of amyloid β oligomers and fibrils, binds plaques, and reduces amyloid in vivo
F Yang, GP Lim, AN Begum, OJ Ubeda, MR Simmons, SS Ambegaokar, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (7), 5892-5901, 2005
Calcium Dysregulation and Membrane Disruption as a Ubiquitous Neurotoxic Mechanism of Soluble Amyloid Oligomers*♦
A Demuro, E Mina, R Kayed, SC Milton, I Parker, CG Glabe
Journal of Biological Chemistry 280 (17), 17294-17300, 2005
Permeabilization of lipid bilayers is a common conformation-dependent activity of soluble amyloid oligomers in protein misfolding diseases
R Kayed, Y Sokolov, B Edmonds, TM McIntire, SC Milton, JE Hall, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (45), 46363-46366, 2004
Small molecule inhibitors of aggregation indicate that amyloid β oligomerization and fibrillization pathways are independent and distinct
M Necula, R Kayed, S Milton, CG Glabe
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (14), 10311-10324, 2007
Fibril specific, conformation dependent antibodies recognize a generic epitope common to amyloid fibrils and fibrillar oligomers that is absent in prefibrillar oligomers
R Kayed, E Head, F Sarsoza, T Saing, CW Cotman, M Necula, L Margol, ...
Molecular neurodegeneration 2 (1), 1-11, 2007
Common structure and toxic function of amyloid oligomers implies a common mechanism of pathogenesis
CG Glabe, R Kayed
Neurology 66 (1 suppl 1), S74-S78, 2006
Tau oligomers impair memory and induce synaptic and mitochondrial dysfunction in wild-type mice
CA Lasagna-Reeves, DL Castillo-Carranza, U Sengupta, AL Clos, ...
Molecular neurodegeneration 6 (1), 1-14, 2011
iPSC-derived human microglia-like cells to study neurological diseases
EM Abud, RN Ramirez, ES Martinez, LM Healy, CHH Nguyen, ...
Neuron 94 (2), 278-293. e9, 2017
Structural and dynamic features of Alzheimer's Aβ peptide in amyloid fibrils studied by site-directed spin labeling
M Torok, S Milton, R Kayed, P Wu, T McIntire, CG Glabe, R Langen
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (43), 40810-40815, 2002
The role of amyloid-β oligomers in toxicity, propagation, and immunotherapy
U Sengupta, AN Nilson, R Kayed
EBioMedicine 6, 42-49, 2016
Small misfolded Tau species are internalized via bulk endocytosis and anterogradely and retrogradely transported in neurons
JW Wu, M Herman, L Liu, S Simoes, CM Acker, H Figueroa, JI Steinberg, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (3), 1856-1870, 2013
Conformational transitions of islet amyloid polypeptide (IAPP) in amyloid formation in vitro
R Kayed, J Bernhagen, N Greenfield, K Sweimeh, H Brunner, W Voelter, ...
Journal of molecular biology 287 (4), 781-796, 1999
Molecular mechanisms of amyloid oligomers toxicity
R Kayed, CA Lasagna-Reeves
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 33 (s1), S67-S78, 2013
Alzheimer brain-derived tau oligomers propagate pathology from endogenous tau
CA Lasagna-Reeves, DL Castillo-Carranza, U Sengupta, ...
Scientific reports 2 (1), 1-7, 2012
Identification of oligomers at early stages of tau aggregation in Alzheimer's disease
CA Lasagna‐Reeves, DL Castillo‐Carranza, U Sengupta, J Sarmiento, ...
The FASEB Journal 26 (5), 1946-1959, 2012
Annular protofibrils are a structurally and functionally distinct type of amyloid oligomer
R Kayed, A Pensalfini, L Margol, Y Sokolov, F Sarsoza, E Head, J Hall, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (7), 4230-4237, 2009
Preparation and characterization of neurotoxic tau oligomers
CA Lasagna-Reeves, DL Castillo-Carranza, MJ Guerrero-Muñoz, ...
Biochemistry 49 (47), 10039-10041, 2010
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