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Noah Haber
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mass HIV treatment and sex disparities in life expectancy: demographic surveillance in rural South Africa
J Bor, S Rosen, N Chimbindi, N Haber, K Herbst, T Mutevedzi, F Tanser, ...
PLoS medicine 12 (11), e1001905, 2015
Constructing the cascade of HIV care: methods for measurement
N Haber, D Pillay, K Porter, T Bärnighausen
Current Opinion in HIV and AIDS 11 (1), 102-108, 2016
From HIV infection to therapeutic response: a population-based longitudinal HIV cascade-of-care study in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
N Haber, F Tanser, J Bor, K Naidu, T Mutevedzi, K Herbst, K Porter, ...
The Lancet HIV 4 (5), e223-e230, 2017
Quasi-experimental study designs series—paper 7: assessing the assumptions
T Bärnighausen, C Oldenburg, P Tugwell, C Bommer, C Ebert, M Barreto, ...
Journal of clinical epidemiology 89, 53-66, 2017
Causal language and strength of inference in academic and media articles shared in social media (CLAIMS): A systematic review
N Haber, ER Smith, E Moscoe, K Andrews, R Audy, W Bell, AT Brennan, ...
PloS one 13 (5), e0196346, 2018
Cost-effectiveness analysis of tapentadol immediate release for the treatment of acute pain
WJ Kwong, I Özer-Stillman, JD Miller, NA Haber, MW Russell, ...
Clinical therapeutics 32 (10), 1768-1781, 2010
Cardiometabolic consequences of therapy for chronic schizophrenia using second-generation antipsychotic agents in a medicaid population: clinical and economic evaluation
A Ward, P Quon, S Abouzaid, N Haber, S Ahmed, E Kim
Pharmacy and Therapeutics 38 (2), 109, 2013
List randomization for eliciting HIV status and sexual behaviors in rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa: a randomized experiment using known true values for validation
N Haber, G Harling, J Cohen, T Mutevedzi, F Tanser, D Gareta, K Herbst, ...
BMC medical research methodology 18 (1), 46, 2018
HIV System Assessment with Longitudinal Treatment Cascade in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
N Haber, F Tanser, K Naidu, T Muteyedzi, D Pillay, T Bärnighausen
Population Association of America, 2015
HIV self-testing among young women in rural South Africa: A randomized controlled trial comparing clinic-based HIV testing to the choice of either clinic testing or HIV self …
A Pettifor, SA Lippman, L Kimaru, N Haber, Z Mayakayaka, A Selin, ...
EClinicalMedicine 21, 100327, 2020
HIV Care Continuum and Meeting 90-90-90 Targets: Cascade of Care Analyses of a US Military Cohort
A Anglemyer, N Haber, A Noiman, G Rutherford, A Ganesan, J Blaylock, ...
Military medicine 185 (7-8), e1147-e1154, 2020
Limitations of the UNAIDS 90-90-90 metrics: a simulation-based comparison of cross-sectional and longitudinal metrics for the HIV care continuum
NA Haber, CR Lesko, MP Fox, KA Powers, G Harling, JK Edwards, ...
Aids 34 (7), 1047-1055, 2020
The worldwide clinical trial research response to the COVID-19 pandemic-the first 100 days
P Janiaud, C Axfors, J Van't Hooft, R Saccilotto, A Agarwal, ...
F1000Research 9, 2020
Improving the validity of mathematical models for HIV elimination by incorporating empirical estimates of progression through the HIV treatment cascade
AY Chang, N Haber, T Bärnighausen, K Herbst, D Gareta, D Pillay, ...
JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 79 (5), 596-604, 2018
Negative impact of South Africa's disability grants on HIV/AIDS recovery
N Haber, F Tanser, K Herbst, D Pillay, T Bärnighausen
Journal of the International AIDS Society 18, 2015
Policy evaluation in COVID-19: A graphical guide to common design issues
NA Haber, E Clarke-Deelder, JA Salomon, A Feller, EA Stuart
arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.01940, 2020
Reviews of" Preprinting a pandemic: the role of preprints in the COVID-19 pandemic"
N Haber, E Smith, S He
Rapid Reviews COVID-19, 2020
DAG With Omitted Objects Displayed (DAGWOOD): A framework for revealing causal assumptions in DAGs
NA Haber, ME Wood, S Wieten, A Breskin
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.04251, 2020
Correction to: Malaria control across borders: quasi-experimental evidence from the Trans-Kunene malaria initiative (TKMI)
A Khadka, NA Perales, DJ Wei, AD Gage, N Haber, S Verguet, ...
Malaria journal 18 (1), 365, 2019
Malaria control across borders: quasi-experimental evidence from the Trans-Kunene malaria initiative (TKMI)(vol 17, 224, 2018)
A Khadka, NA Perales, DJ Wei, AD Gage, N Haber, S Verguet, ...
MALARIA JOURNAL 18 (1), 2019
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