Volkan Cecen
Volkan Cecen
Department of Chemical Engineering, Biointerfaces Institute, University of Michigan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The mechanical and adhesive properties of electrically and thermally conductive polymeric composites based on high density polyethylene filled with nickel powder
I Krupa, V Cecen, A Boudenne, J Prokeš, I Novák
Materials & Design 51, 620-628, 2013
FTIR and SEM analysis of polyester‐and epoxy‐based composites manufactured by VARTM process
V Cecen, Y Seki, M Sarikanat, IH Tavman
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 108 (4), 2163-2170, 2008
Biomimetic Solid-State Zn2+ Electrolyte for Corrugated Structural Batteries
M Wang, A Emre, S Tung, A Gerber, D Wang, Y Huang, V Cecen, ...
ACS nano 13 (2), 1107-1115, 2019
Effects of fiber surface treatments on mechanical properties of epoxy composites reinforced with glass fabric
K Sever, M Sarikanat, Y Seki, V Cecen, IH Tavman
Journal of materials science 43 (13), 4666-4672, 2008
Electrical, mechanical and adhesive properties of ethylene-vinylacetate copolymer (EVA) filled with wollastonite fibers coated by silver
V Cecen, A Boudenne, L Ibos, I Novák, Z Nógellová, J Prokeš, I Krupa
European polymer journal 44 (11), 3827-3834, 2008
Epoxy‐and polyester‐based composites reinforced with glass, carbon and aramid fabrics: Measurement of heat capacity and thermal conductivity of composites by differential …
V Cecen, IH Tavman, M Kok, Y Aydogdu
Polymer composites 30 (9), 1299-1311, 2009
Thermophysical and electrical properties of nanocomposites based on ethylene–vinylacetate copolymer (EVA) filled with expanded and unexpanded graphite
R Tlili, A Boudenne, V Cecen, L Ibos, I Krupa, Y Candau
International Journal of Thermophysics 31 (4), 936-948, 2010
Comparison of mechanical properties of epoxy composites reinforced with stitched glass and carbon fabrics: Characterization of mechanical anisotropy in composites and …
V Cecen, M Sarikanat, H Yildiz, IH Tavman
Polymer Composites 29 (8), 840-853, 2008
Rheology, electrical properties, and percolation of TRGO‐filled EVA‐copolymers
KF Ratzsch, V Cecen, F Tölle, KA Wartig, R Thomann, R Mülhaupt, ...
Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 299 (9), 1134-1144, 2014
Experimental characterization of traditional composites manufactured by vacuum‐assisted resin‐transfer molding
V Cecen, M Sarikanat
Journal of applied polymer science 107 (3), 1822-1830, 2008
Preparation and characterization of highly electrically and thermally conductive polymeric nanocomposites
I Tavman, V Çeçen, I Ozdemir, A Turgut, I Krupa, M Omastova, I Novak
Archives of Materials Science 40 (2), 84-88, 2009
Thermophysical properties of ethylene–vinylacetate copolymer (EVA) filled with wollastonite fibers coated by silver
I Krupa, V Cecen, R Tlili, A Boudenne, L Ibos
European polymer journal 44 (11), 3817-3826, 2008
Noble-metal and cocatalyst free W2N/C/TiO photocatalysts for efficient photocatalytic overall water splitting in visible and near-infrared light regions
S Gong, J Fan, V Cecen, C Huang, Y Min, Q Xu, H Li
Chemical Engineering Journal 405, 126913, 2021
Mechanical and thermophysical properties of EVA copolymer filled with nickel particles
R Tlili, V Cecen, I Krupa, A Boudenne, L Ibos, Y Candau, I Novák
Polymer composites 32 (5), 727-736, 2011
Polyester composites reinforced with noncrimp stitched carbon fabrics: Mechanical characterization of composites and investigation on the interaction between polyester and …
V Cecen, M Sarikanat, Y Seki, T Govsa, H Yildiz, IH Tavman
Journal of applied polymer science 102 (5), 4554-4564, 2006
Mechanical properties and morphology of composites based on the EVA copolymer filled with expanded graphite
I Krupa, V Cecen, A Boudenne, Z Križanová, I Vávra, R Srnánek, ...
Polymer-Plastics Technology and Engineering 51 (13), 1388-1393, 2012
Thermal conductivity, morphology and mechanical properties for thermally reduced graphite oxide-filled ethylene vinylacetate copolymers
V Cecen, R Thomann, R Mülhaupt, C Friedrich
Polymer 132, 294-305, 2017
The structure of γ‐glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane on glass fiber surfaces: Characterization by FTIR, SEM, and contact angle measurements
K Sever, Y Seki, IH Tavman, G Erkan, V Cecen
Polymer composites 30 (5), 550-558, 2009
Hierarchical WS2@NiCo2O4 Core–shell Heterostructure Arrays Supported on Carbon Cloth as High-Performance Electrodes for Symmetric Flexible …
L Li, J Gao, V Cecen, J Fan, P Shi, Q Xu, Y Min
ACS omega 5 (9), 4657-4667, 2020
Polybenzimidazole thermal management composites containing functionalized boron nitride nanosheets and 2D transition metal carbide MXenes
ZJ Liu, CG Yin, V Cecen, JC Fan, PH Shi, QJ Xu, YL Min
Polymer 179, 121613, 2019
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