Egbert Figgemeier
Egbert Figgemeier
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Electronic Energy Transfer and Collection in Luminescent Molecular Rods Containing Ruthenium(II) and Osmium(II) 2,2′:6′,2″‐Terpyridine Complexes Linked …
S Encinas, L Flamigni, F Barigelletti, EC Constable, CE Housecroft, ...
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Evaluating Si-based materials for Li-ion batteries in commercially relevant negative electrodes
VL Chevrier, L Liu, DB Le, J Lund, B Molla, K Reimer, LJ Krause, ...
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DFT-INDO/S modeling of new high molar extinction coefficient charge-transfer sensitizers for solar cell applications
MK Nazeeruddin, Q Wang, L Cevey, V Aranyos, P Liska, E Figgemeier, ...
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Are dye-sensitized nano-structured solar cells stable? An overview of device testing and component analyses
E Figgemeier, A Hagfeldt
International journal of photoenergy 6 (3), 127-140, 2004
A system approach to molecular solar cells
A Hagfeldt, G Boschloo, H Lindström, E Figgemeier, A Holmberg, ...
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Luminescent molecular wires with 2, 5-thiophenediyl spacers linking {Ru (terpy) 2} units
EC Constable, CE Housecroft, ER Schofield, S Encinas, N Armaroli, ...
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Structural investigations on TiO2 and Fe-doped TiO2 nanoparticles synthesized by laser pyrolysis
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Confronting the Challenges of Next‐Generation Silicon Anode‐Based Lithium‐Ion Batteries: Role of Designer Electrolyte Additives and Polymeric Binders
GG Eshetu, E Figgemeier
ChemSusChem 12 (12), 2515-2539, 2019
Self-assembled monolayers of ruthenium and osmium bis-terpyridine complexes insights of the structure and interaction energies by combining scanning tunneling microscopy and …
E Figgemeier, L Merz, BA Hermann, YC Zimmermann, CE Housecroft, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107 (5), 1157-1162, 2003
A rod-like polymer containing {Ru (terpy) 2} units prepared by electrochemical coupling of pendant thienyl moieties
J Hjelm, EC Constable, E Figgemeier, A Hagfeldt, R Handel, ...
Chemical communications, 284-285, 2002
Modification of electron transfer properties in photoelectrochemical solar cells by substituting {Ru (terpy) 2} 2+ dyes with thiophene
E Figgemeier, V Aranyos, EC Constable, RW Handel, CE Housecroft, ...
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Titanium dioxide nanoparticles prepared by laser pyrolysis: Synthesis and photocatalytic properties
E Figgemeier, W Kylberg, E Constable, M Scarisoreanu, R Alexandrescu, ...
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Interfacial properties of photovoltaic TiO2/dye/PEDOT–PSS heterojunctions
EMJ Johansson, A Sandell, H Siegbahn, H Rensmo, B Mahrov, ...
Synthetic metals 149 (2-3), 157-167, 2005
Long-term cycling induced jelly roll deformation in commercial 18650 cells
A Pfrang, A Kersys, A Kriston, DU Sauer, C Rahe, S Käbitz, E Figgemeier
Journal of Power Sources 392, 168-175, 2018
Self-assembled monolayers of Ru/Os dinuclear complexes: probing monolayer structure and interaction energies by electrochemical means
E Figgemeier, EC Constable, CE Housecroft, YC Zimmermann
Langmuir 20 (21), 9242-9248, 2004
Utilization of a right-handed coiled-coil protein from archaebacterium Staphylothermus marinus as a carrier for cisplatin
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Redox and spectroscopic orbitals in Ru (II) and Os (II) phenolate complexes
TE Keyes, D Leane, RJ Forster, CG Coates, JJ McGarvey, ...
Inorganic chemistry 41 (22), 5721-5732, 2002
High performance 1.2 Ah Si-alloy/Graphite| LiNi0. 5Mn0. 3Co0. 2O2 prototype Li-ion battery
M Marinaro, D Yoon, G Gabrielli, P Stegmaier, E Figgemeier, PC Spurk, ...
Journal of Power Sources 357, 188-197, 2017
Design and testing of prelithiated full cells with high silicon content
VL Chevrier, L Liu, R Wohl, A Chandrasoma, JA Vega, KW Eberman, ...
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 165 (5), A1129, 2018
Electropolymerisable bipyridine ruthenium (II) complexes: synthesis, spectroscopic and electrochemical characterisation of 4-((2-thienyl) ethenyl)-and 4, 4′-di ((2-thienyl …
V Aranyos, A Hagfeldt, H Grennberg, E Figgemeier
Polyhedron 23 (4), 589-598, 2004
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