Guilherme Amaral
Guilherme Amaral
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multiple robot operations for maritime search and rescue in euRathlon 2015 competition
A Matos, A Martins, A Dias, B Ferreira, JM Almeida, H Ferreira, G Amaral, ...
OCEANS 2016-Shanghai, 1-7, 2016
Use of multi-domain robots in search and rescue operations—Contributions of the ICARUS team to the euRathlon 2015 challenge
MM Marques, R Parreira, V Lobo, A Martins, A Matos, N Cruz, JM Almeida, ...
OCEANS 2016-Shanghai, 1-7, 2016
Field experiments for marine casualty detection with autonomous surface vehicles
A Martins, A Dias, J Almeida, H Ferreira, C Almeida, G Amaral, ...
2013 OCEANS-San Diego, 1-5, 2013
Water jet based autonomous surface vehicle for coastal waters operations
D Machado, A Martins, JM Almeida, H Ferreira, G Amaral, B Ferreira, ...
2014 Oceans-St. John's, 1-8, 2014
Environmental modeling with precision navigation using ROAZ autonomous surface vehicle
HM Ferreira, C Almeida, A Martins, JM Almeida, A Dias, G Silva, E Silva
IROS 2012-IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and …, 2012
UAV trials for multi-spectral imaging target detection and recognition in maritime environment
H Silva, JM Almeida, F Lopes, JP Ribeiro, S Freitas, G Amaral, C Almeida, ...
OCEANS 2016 MTS/IEEE Monterey, 1-6, 2016
TIGRE—An autonomous ground robot for outdoor exploration
A Martins, G Amaral, A Dias, C Almeida, J Almeida, E Silva
Autonomous Robot Systems (Robotica), 2013 13th International Conference on, 1-6, 2013
SimTwo as a simulation environment for flight robot dynamics evaluation
G Amaral, P Costa
U. Porto Journal of Engineering 1 (1), 80-88, 2015
Low Cost Underwater Acoustic Positioning System with a Simplified DoA Algorithm
P Guedes, N Viana, J Silva, G Amaral, H Ferreira, A Dias, JM Almeida, ...
UAV cooperative perception for target detection and tracking in maritime environment
G Amaral, H Silva, F Lopes, JP Ribeiro, S Freitas, C Almeida, A Martins, ...
OCEANS 2017-Aberdeen, 1-6, 2017
ISePorto Robotic Soccer Team for Robocup 2013: Improving Team Perception
J Almeida, A Martins, A Dias, H Silva, C Almeida, N Dias, L Lima, G Silva, ...
Atmospheric electric field in the Atlantic marine boundary layer: first results from the SAIL project
S Barbosa, M Camilo, C Almeida, J Almeida, G Amaral, K Aplin, N Dias, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 18767, 2020
ROSM-Robotic Oil Spill Mitigations
A Dias, AP Mucha, T Santos, D Pedrosa, G Amaral, H Ferreira, A Oliveira, ...
OCEANS 2019-Marseille, 1-7, 2019
Design and Development of a multi rotor UAV for Oil Spill Mitigation
A Oliveira, D Pedrosa, T Santos, A Dias, G Amaral, A Martins, J Almeida, ...
OCEANS 2019-Marseille, 1-7, 2019
Underwater radon monitoring in flooded mining environments.
S Barbosa, G Amaral, C Almeida
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
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