John Everett Marsh
John Everett Marsh
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Registered replication report: Schooler and engstler-schooler (1990)
VK Alogna, MK Attaya, P Aucoin, Š Bahník, S Birch, AR Birt, BH Bornstein, ...
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Interference by process, not content, determines semantic auditory distraction
JE Marsh, RW Hughes, DM Jones
Cognition 110 (1), 23-38, 2009
Cognitive control of auditory distraction: impact of task difficulty, foreknowledge, and working memory capacity supports duplex-mechanism account.
RW Hughes, MJ Hurlstone, JE Marsh, F Vachon, DM Jones
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Auditory distraction in semantic memory: A process-based approach
JE Marsh, RW Hughes, DM Jones
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The green halo: Mechanisms and limits of the eco-label effect
P Sörqvist, A Haga, L Langeborg, M Holmgren, M Wallinder, A Nöstl, ...
Food quality and preference 43, 1-9, 2015
A shield against distraction
N Halin, JE Marsh, A Hellman, I Hellström, P Sörqvist
Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition 3 (1), 31-36, 2014
Effects of speech on proofreading: can task-engagement manipulations shield against distraction?
N Halin, JE Marsh, A Haga, M Holmgren, P Sörqvist
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JE Marsh, DM Jones
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P Sörqvist, JE Marsh
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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 38 (4), 905, 2012
Distraction in verbal short-term memory: Insights from developmental differences
EM Elliott, RW Hughes, A Briganti, TN Joseph, JE Marsh, B Macken
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Perceptual–gestural (mis) mapping in serial short-term memory: The impact of talker variability.
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Expectations modulate the magnitude of attentional capture by auditory events
A Nöstl, JE Marsh, P Sörqvist
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Short article: syntax and serial recall: how language supports short-term memory for order
N Perham, JE Marsh, DM Jones
Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology 62 (7), 1285-1293, 2009
Unmasking the effects of masking on performance: The potential of multiple-voice masking in the office environment
M Keus van de Poll, J Carlsson, JE Marsh, R Ljung, J Odelius, ...
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 138 (2), 807-816, 2015
Effects of labeling a product eco-friendly and genetically modified: A cross-cultural comparison for estimates of taste, willingness to pay and health consequences
P Sörqvist, JE Marsh, M Holmgren, R Hulme, A Haga, PB Seager
Food Quality and Preference 50, 65-70, 2016
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