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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Advantages of volunteer‐based biodiversity monitoring in Europe
DS Schmeller, PY HENRY, R Julliard, B Gruber, J Clobert, F Dziock, ...
Conservation biology 23 (2), 307-316, 2009
National responsibilities in European species conservation: a methodological review
DS Schmeller, B Gruber, E Budrys, E Framsted, S Lengyel, K Henle
Conservation Biology 22 (3), 593-601, 2008
Solitary Hymenoptera Aculeata inhabiting trap-nests in Lithuania: nesting cavity choice and niche overlap
A Budriene, E Budrys, Z Nevronyte
Latvijas Entomologs 41, 19-31, 2004
Determination of national conservation responsibilities for species conservation in regions with multiple political jurisdictions
DS Schmeller, B Gruber, B Bauch, K Lanno, E Budrys, V Babij, R Juškaitis, ...
Biodiversity and Conservation 17, 3607-3622, 2008
Determination of conservation priorities in regions with multiple political jurisdictions
DS Schmeller, B Bauch, B Gruber, R Juškaitis, E Budrys, V Babij, K Lanno, ...
Biodiversity and Conservation 17, 3623-3630, 2008
The Orthoptera (Insecta) of Lithuania
E Budrys, S Pakalniškis
Acta Zoologica Lituanica 17 (2), 105-115, 2007
Testing the validity of Northern European species in the Chrysis ignita species group (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) with DNA Barcoding
V Soon, E Budrys, S Orlovskytė, J Paukkunen, F Odegaard, T Ljubomirov, ...
Zootaxa 3786 (3), 301–330-301–330, 2014
Digger wasps of the subfamily Pemphredoninae (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae) from the Baltic and Taimyr amber
ER Budrys
Acta Entomologica Lituanica 11, 34-56, 1993
Sexual size dimorphism in the ontogeny of the solitary predatory wasp Symmorphus allobrogus (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
A Budrienė, E Budrys, Ž Nevronytė
Comptes Rendus. Biologies 336 (2), 57-64, 2013
PESI-a taxonomic backbone for Europe
Y De Jong, J Kouwenberg, L Boumans, C Hussey, R Hyam, N Nicolson, ...
Biodiversity Data Journal, 2015
Sibling species in the Chrysis ignita complex: molecular, morphological and trophic differentiation of Baltic species, with a description of two new cryptic species …
S Orlovskytė, E Budrys, A Budrienė, R Radzevičiūtė, V Soon
Systematic entomology 41 (4), 771-793, 2016
Cavity-nesting Hymenoptera across Europe: a study in ALARM project field site network sites using small trap-nests on trees and buildings
A Budrienė
Population size assessment using mark-release-recapture of 12 species of Orthoptera, Diptera and Hymenoptera: a comparison of methods
E Budrys, A Budrienė, S Pakalniškis
Latvijas entomologs 41, 32-43, 2004
National records of 3000 European bee and hoverfly species: A contribution to pollinator conservation
S Reverté, M Miličić, J Ačanski, A Andrić, A Aracil, M Aubert, MV Balzan, ...
Insect conservation and diversity 16 (6), 758-775, 2023
Establishment of a cross-European field site network in the ALARM project for assessing large-scale changes in biodiversity
VC Hammen, JC Biesmeijer, R Bommarco, E Budrys, TR Christensen, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 164, 337-348, 2010
Two ‘Rare’ Wasps, Diodontus Brevilabris and Polemistus Abnormis, (Hymenoptera, Sphecidae) From South-West Russia
E Budrys
Acta Zoologica Lituanica 8 (3), 81-85, 1998
Species identification and genetic differentiation of European cavity-nesting wasps (Hymenoptera: Vespidae, Pompilidae, Crabronidae) inferred from DNA barcoding data
J Turčinavičienė, R Radzevičiūtė, A Budrienė, E Budrys
Mitochondrial DNA Part A 27 (1), 476-482, 2016
Check-list of cuckoo-wasps (Hymenoptera: Chrysididae) of Lithuania
Five New for Lithuania Fauna Species of Sphecidae and Crabronidae (Hymenoptera, Apoidea)
E Budrys
Acta Zoologica Lituanica 11 (4), 388-390, 2001
Distribution of four species of Oedipodinae grasshoppers in Lithuania (Orthoptera: Acrididae)
E Budrys, V Bačianskas, A Budrienė, D Dapkus, G Švitra, T Ūsaitis
New and rare for Lithuania insect species 20, 14-19, 2008
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