Davide Giavarina
Davide Giavarina
Laboratory Medicine, San Bortolo Hospital, Vicenza, Italy
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Understanding bland altman analysis
D Giavarina
Biochemia medica 25 (2), 141-151, 2015
Preanalytical quality improvement: from dream to reality
G Lippi, JJ Chance, S Church, P Dazzi, R Fontana, D Giavarina, ...
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TSH receptor autoantibody immunoassay in patients with Graves' disease: improvement of diagnostic accuracy over different generations of methods. Systematic review and meta …
R Tozzoli, M Bagnasco, D Giavarina, N Bizzaro
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Multicenter evaluation of the hemolysis index in automated clinical chemistry systems
G Lippi, GL Salvagno, N Blanckaert, D Giavarina, S Green, S Kitchen, ...
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Are anti-nucleosome antibodies a better diagnostic marker than anti-dsDNA antibodies for systemic lupus erythematosus? A systematic review and a study of metanalysis
N Bizzaro, D Villalta, D Giavarina, R Tozzoli
Autoimmunity reviews 12 (2), 97-106, 2012
Recommendations for detection and management of unsuitable samples in clinical laboratories
G Lippi, G Banfi, M Buttarello, F Ceriotti, M Daves, A Dolci, M Caputo, ...
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Overview on self-monitoring of blood glucose
M Montagnana, M Caputo, D Giavarina, G Lippi
Clinica Chimica Acta 402 (1-2), 7-13, 2009
Serum paraoxonase activity is decreased in uremic patients
R Schiavon, E De Fanti, D Giavarina, S Biasioli, G Cavalcanti, G Guidi
Clinica chimica acta 247 (1-2), 71-80, 1996
Estimating mean pulmonary wedge pressure in patients with chronic atrial fibrillation from transthoracic Doppler indexes of mitral and pulmonary venous flow velocity
F Chirillo, MC Brunazzi, M Barbiero, D Giavarina, M Pasqualini, ...
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 30 (1), 19-26, 1997
Diagnostic accuracy of combined cardiac troponin and copeptin assessment for early rule-out of myocardial infarction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
T Raskovalova, R Twerenbold, PO Collinson, T Keller, H Bouvaist, C Folli, ...
European Heart Journal: Acute Cardiovascular Care 3 (1), 18-27, 2014
Mineral metabolism in obese children
G Zamboni, M Soffiati, D Giavarina, L Tato
Acta Pædiatrica 77 (5), 741-746, 1988
Diagnostic accuracy of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) to detect anti-skin autoantibodies in autoimmune blistering skin diseases: a systematic review and meta-analysis
M Tampoia, D Giavarina, C Di Giorgio, N Bizzaro
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Reference interval of D-dimer in pregnant women
D Giavarina, G Mezzena, RM Dorizzi, G Soffiati
Clinical biochemistry 34 (4), 331-333, 2001
Aged-related increase of high sensitive Troponin T and its implication in acute myocardial infarction diagnosis of elderly patients
F Olivieri, R Galeazzi, D Giavarina, R Testa, AM Abbatecola, A Ceka, ...
Mechanisms of ageing and development 133 (5), 300-305, 2012
Quality in laboratory diagnostics: from theory to practice
G Lippi, M Plebani, AM Simundic
Biochemia Medica 20 (2), 126-130, 2010
Hypovitaminosis D as predisposing factor for atrophic type A gastritis: a case–control study and review of the literature on the interaction of vitamin D with the immune system
A Antico, R Tozzoli, D Giavarina, E Tonutti, N Bizzaro
Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology 42 (3), 355-364, 2012
Blood venous sample collection: Recommendations overview and a checklist to improve quality
D Giavarina, G Lippi
Clinical biochemistry 50 (10-11), 568-573, 2017
National survey on critical values reporting in a cohort of Italian laboratories
G Lippi, D Giavarina, M Montagnana, G Luca Salvagno, P Cappelletti, ...
Walter de Gruyter 45 (10), 1411-1413, 2007
Preoperative renal functional reserve predicts risk of acute kidney injury after cardiac operation
F Husain-Syed, F Ferrari, A Sharma, TH Danesi, P Bezerra, ...
The Annals of thoracic surgery 105 (4), 1094-1101, 2018
Total laboratory automation: do stat tests still matter?
A Dolci, D Giavarina, S Pasqualetti, D Szőke, M Panteghini
Clinical biochemistry 50 (10-11), 605-611, 2017
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