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Oliver Staadt
Oliver Staadt
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
blue-c: a spatially immersive display and 3d video portal for telepresence
M Gross, S Würmlin, M Naef, E Lamboray, C Spagno, A Kunz, ...
ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 22 (3), 819-827, 2003
A survey of large high-resolution display technologies, techniques, and applications
T Ni, GS Schmidt, OG Staadt, MA Livingston, R Ball, R May
IEEE Virtual Reality Conference, 2006, 223-236, 2006
Fast multiresolution surface meshing
MH Gross, R Gatti, O Staadt
Proceedings Visualization'95, 135-142, 1995
3D video recorder
S Wurmlin, E Lamboray, OG Staadt, MH Gross
10th Pacific Conference on Computer Graphics and Applications, 2002 …, 2002
Efficient triangular surface approximations using wavelets and quadtree data structures
MH Gross, OG Staadt, R Gatti
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2 (2), 130-143, 1996
Progressive tetrahedralizations
OG Staadt, MH Gross
Proceedings Visualization'98 (Cat. No. 98CB36276), 397-402, 1998
Spatialized audio rendering for immersive virtual environments
M Naef, O Staadt, M Gross
Proceedings of the ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology …, 2002
Velocity-aligned discrete oriented polytopes for dynamic collision detection
DS Coming, OG Staadt
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 14 (1), 1-12, 2007
A survey and performance analysis of software platforms for interactive cluster-based multi-screen rendering
OG Staadt, J Walker, C Nuber, B Hamann
Proceedings of the workshop on Virtual environments 2003, 261-270, 2003
The blue-c distributed scene graph
M Naef, E Lamboray, O Staadt, M Gross
Proceedings of the workshop on Virtual environments 2003, 125-133, 2003
A geoscience perspective on immersive 3D gridded data visualization
MI Billen, O Kreylos, B Hamann, MA Jadamec, LH Kellogg, O Staadt, ...
Computers & Geosciences 34 (9), 1056-1072, 2008
Measurement protocols for medium-field distance perception in large-screen immersive displays
E Klein, JE Swan, GS Schmidt, MA Livingston, OG Staadt
2009 IEEE virtual reality conference, 107-113, 2009
Enabling scientific workflows in virtual reality
O Kreylos, G Bawden, T Bernardin, MI Billen, ES Cowgill, RD Gold, ...
Proceedings of the 2006 ACM international conference on Virtual reality …, 2006
A practical system for laser pointer interaction on large displays
BA Ahlborn, D Thompson, O Kreylos, B Hamann, OG Staadt
Proceedings of the ACM symposium on Virtual reality software and technology …, 2005
Multiresolution compression and reconstruction
OG Staadt, MH Gross, R Weber
Proceedings. Visualization'97 (Cat. No. 97CB36155), 337-346, 1997
On spatial perception issues in augmented reality based immersive analytics
M Luboschik, P Berger, O Staadt
Proceedings of the 2016 ACM Companion on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces, 47-53, 2016
The blue-C (poster session) integrating real humans into a networked immersive environment
OG Staadt, MH Gross, A Kunz, M Meier
Proceedings of the third international conference on Collaborative virtual …, 2000
Kinetic sweep and prune for multi-body continuous motion
DS Coming, OG Staadt
Computers & Graphics 30 (3), 439-449, 2006
An integrative view of foveated rendering
B Mohanto, ABMT Islam, E Gobbetti, O Staadt
Computers & Graphics 102, 474-501, 2022
Interactive visualization to advance earthquake simulation
LH Kellogg, GW Bawden, T Bernardin, M Billen, E Cowgill, B Hamann, ...
Pure and Applied Geophysics 165, 621-633, 2008
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