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Aysegul Yayimli, Aysegul Gencata
Aysegul Yayimli, Aysegul Gencata
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Virtual-topology adaptation for WDM mesh networks under dynamic traffic
A Gençata, B Mukherjee
IEEE/ACM Transactions on networking 11 (2), 236-247, 2003
RASCAR: Recovery-aware switch-controller assignment and routing in SDN
SS Savas, M Tornatore, F Dikbiyik, A Yayimli, CU Martel, B Mukherjee
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management 15 (4), 1222-1234, 2018
k-Maximally disjoint path routing algorithms for SDN
JO Abe, HA Mantar, AG Yayimli
2015 International Conference on Cyber-Enabled Distributed Computing and …, 2015
Multi-layer resilient design for layer-1 VPNs
C Cavdar, AG Yayimli, B Mukherjee
OFC/NFOEC 2008-2008 Conference on Optical Fiber Communication/National Fiber …, 2008
How to cut the electric bill in optical WDM networks with time-zones and time-of-use prices
C Cavdar, A Yayımlı, L Wosinska
2011 37th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication, 1-3, 2011
Ransomware detection and classification strategies
A Vehabovic, N Ghani, E Bou-Harb, J Crichigno, A Yayimli
2022 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and …, 2022
Infrastructure upgrade framework for content delivery networks robust to targeted attacks
C Natalino, A Yayimli, L Wosinska, M Furdek
Optical Switching and Networking 31, 202-210, 2019
An evolutionary algorithm for survivable virtual topology mapping in optical WDM networks
F Corut Ergin, A Yayımlı, Ş Uyar
Applications of Evolutionary Computing: EvoWorkshops 2009: EvoCOMNET …, 2009
Routing and wavelength assignment with quality-of-signal constraints in WDM networks
Y Huang, A Gencata, JP Heritage, B Mukherjee
2002 28TH European Conference on Optical Communication 3, 1-2, 2002
Energy-aware virtual topology reconfiguration under dynamic traffic
A Yayimli, C Cavdar
2012 14th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON), 1-4, 2012
Virtual-topology adaptation with minimal lightpath change for dynamic traffic in WDM mesh networks
A Gençata, L Sahasrabuddhe, B Mukherjee
Optical Fiber Communication Conference, ThGG119, 2002
Content accessibility in optical cloud networks under targeted link cuts
C Natalino, A Yayimli, L Wosinska, M Furdek
2017 International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM), 1-6, 2017
CATZ: Time-zone-aware bandwidth allocation in layer 1 VPNs
C Cavdar, A Gencata, B Mukherjee
IEEE Communications Magazine 45 (4), 60-66, 2007
Service Function Chain Survivability Provisioning in Fog Networks
N Siasi, A Jaesim, A Yayimli, N Ghani
IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2021
Ensuring resilience in optical WDM networks with nature-inspired heuristics
FC Ergin, E Kaldırım, A Yayımlı, AŞ Uyar
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 2 (8), 642-652, 2010
Impairment-aware lightpath provisioning using inverse multiplexing in mixed-line-rate networks
H Cukurtepe, A Yayimli, B Mukherjee
Optical Switching and Networking 11, 44-52, 2014
Selective survivability with disjoint nodes and disjoint lightpaths for layer 1 VPN
AG Yayımlı
Optical Switching and Networking 6 (1), 3-9, 2009
Inverse multiplexing gain considering physical layer impairments in mixed line rate networks
H Cukurtepe, A Yayimli, B Mukherjee
2012 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC), 000219-000224, 2012
Ant based hyper heuristic for physical impairment aware routing and wavelength assignment
A Keleş, A Yayimli, AŞ Uyar
2010 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, 1-5, 2010
Ant colony optimization for survivable virtual topology mapping in optical WDM networks
E Kaldirim, FC Ergin, S Uyar, A Yayimli
2009 24th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, 334-339, 2009
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