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Prof. Dr. Mustafa Serdar Genç
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Serdar Genç
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Evaluation of electricity generation and energy cost of wind energy conversion systems (WECSs) in Central Turkey
M Gökçek, MS Genç
Applied Energy 86 (12), 2731-2739, 2009
Flow-induced vibrations of low aspect ratio rectangular membrane wings
P Rojratsirikul, MS Genc, Z Wang, I Gursul
Journal of Fluids and Structures 27 (8), 1296-1309, 2011
Performance of transition model for predicting low Re aerofoil flows without/with single and simultaneous blowing and suction
MS Genç, Ü Kaynak, H Yapici
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 30 (2), 218-235, 2011
An experimental study on aerodynamics of NACA2415 aerofoil at low Re numbers
MS Genç, İ Karasu, HH Açıkel
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 39, 252-264, 2012
A review on wind energy and wind–hydrogen production in Turkey: A case study of hydrogen production via electrolysis system supplied by wind energy conversion system in Central …
MS Genç, M Çelik, İ Karasu
Renewable and sustainable energy reviews 16 (9), 6631-6646, 2012
Identification of flow phenomena over NACA 4412 wind turbine airfoil at low Reynolds numbers and role of laminar separation bubble on flow evolution
K Koca, MS Genç, HH Açıkel, M Çağdaş, TM Bodur
Energy 144, 750-764, 2018
Low Reynolds Number Aerodynamics and Transition
MS Genç
BoD–Books on Demand, ISBN 978-953-51-0492-6, InTech-Open Access Publishing., 2012
Cost analysis of wind-electrolyzer-fuel cell system for energy demand in Pınarbaşı-Kayseri
G Genç, M Çelik, MS Genç
International journal of hydrogen energy 37 (17), 12158-12166, 2012
Flow over an aerofoil without and with a leading-edge slat at a transitional Reynolds number
MS Genç, Ü Kaynak, GD Lock
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of …, 2009
A review of the legal framework in shallow geothermal energy in selected European countries: Need for guidelines
KP Tsagarakis, L Efthymiou, A Michopoulos, A Mavragani, AS Anđelković, ...
Renewable energy 147, 2556-2571, 2020
Investigation of pre-stall flow control on wind turbine blade airfoil using roughness element
MS Genc, K Kemal, HH Acikel
Energy 176, 320-334, 2019
Optimization of electricity and hydrogen production with hybrid renewable energy systems
B Akarsu, MS Genç
Fuel 324, 124465, 2022
Suitable site selection for offshore wind farms in Turkey’s seas: GIS-MCDM based approach
MS Genç, F Karipoğlu, K Koca, ŞT Azgın
Earth Science Informatics 14 (3), 1213-1225, 2021
Control of laminar separation bubble over wind turbine airfoil using partial flexibility on suction surface
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Energy 165, 176-190, 2018
Evaluation of wind characteristics and energy potential in Kayseri, Turkey
MS Genç, M Gökçek
Journal of Energy Engineering 135 (2), 33-43, 2009
Numerical simulation of flow over a thin aerofoil at a high Reynolds number using a transition model
MS Genç
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of …, 2010
Progressive damage modeling of an adhesively bonded unidirectional composite single-lap joint in tension at the mesoscale level
ZG Apalak, MK Apalak, MS Genc
Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 19 (6), 671-702, 2006
Effect of partial flexibility over both upper and lower surfaces to flow over wind turbine airfoil
MS Genç, HH Açıkel, K Koca
Energy conversion and management 219, 113042, 2020
Traditional and new types of passive flow control techniques to pave the way for high maneuverability and low structural weight for UAVs and MAVs
MS Genç, K Koca, H Demir, HH Açıkel
Autonomous Vehicles, 131-160, 2020
Acoustic control of flow over NACA 2415 aerofoil at low Reynolds numbers
MS Genç, İ Karasu, HH Açıkel, MT Akpolat, G Özkan
Sustainable Aviation: Energy and Environmental Issues, 375-420, 2016
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