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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Fiscal spending and the environment: theory and empirics
R López, GI Galinato, A Islam
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 62 (2), 180-198, 2011
Uncharted waters: The new economics of water scarcity and variability
R Damania, S Desbureaux, M Hyland, A Islam, AS Rodella, J Russ, ...
World Bank Publications, 2017
Economic growth and crime against small and medium sized enterprises in developing economies
A Islam
Small Business Economics 43 (3), 677-695, 2014
Does mobile money use increase firms’ investment? Evidence from Enterprise Surveys in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
A Islam, S Muzi, JLR Meza
Small Business Economics 51 (3), 687-708, 2018
Are large informal firms more productive than the small informal firms? Evidence from firm-level surveys in Africa
M Amin, A Islam
World Development 74, 374-385, 2015
Government spending and air pollution in the US
AM Islam, RE López
International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics 8, 139-189, 2014
Women Managers and the Gender-Based Gap in Access to Education
A Islam, M Amin
Feminist Economics 22 (3), 127-153, 2016
Does mandating nondiscrimination in hiring practices influence women's employment? Evidence using firm-level data
M Amin, A Islam
Feminist Economics 21 (4), 28-60, 2015
Are there more female managers in the retail sector? Evidence from survey data in developing countries
M Amin, A Islam
Journal of Applied Economics 17 (2), 213-228, 2014
The challenge of addressing consumption pollutants with fiscal policy
GI Galinato, A Islam
Environment and Development Economics 22 (5), 624-647, 2017
Entrepreneurship and the allocation of government spending under imperfect markets
A Islam
World Development 70, 108-121, 2015
How large is public procurement in developing countries
S Djankov, A Islam, F Saliola
Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2016
Public procurement regulation and road quality
S Djankov, TM Ghossein, A Islam, F Saliola
World Bank Policy Research Working Paper, 2017
Unequal laws and the disempowerment of women in the labour market: evidence from firm-level data
A Islam, S Muzi, M Amin
The Journal of Development Studies 55 (5), 822-844, 2019
Does paternity leave matter for female employment in developing economies? Evidence from firm-level data
M Amin, A Islam, A Sakhonchik
Applied Economics Letters 23 (16), 1145-1148, 2016
Is there a gender bias in crime against firms for developing economies?
A Islam
Women's Studies International Forum 37, 1-15, 2013
Fiscal spending for economic growth in the presence of imperfect markets
A Islam, R López
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP8709, 2011
Middle East and North Africa Economic Update, April 2020: How Transparency Can Help the Middle East and North Africa
R Arezki, D Lederman, A Abou Harb, N El-Mallakh, RY Fan, A Islam, ...
Washington, DC: World Bank, 2020
Trade and the Environment
RE Lopez, AM Islam
The Labor Productivity Gap between Formal Businesses Run by Women and Men
AM Islam, I Gaddis, A Palacios López, M Amin
Feminist Economics 26 (4), 228-258, 2020
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