Mehmet Galip İçduygu
Mehmet Galip İçduygu
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Optimization of nickel adsorption from aqueous solution by using activated carbon prepared from waste apricot by chemical activation
S Erdoğan, Y Önal, C Akmil-Başar, S Bilmez-Erdemoğlu, ...
Applied Surface Science 252 (5), 1324-1331, 2005
Preparation and phenol captivating properties of polyvinylpyrrolidone‐montmorillonite hybrid materials
A Gultek, T Seckin, Y Onal, MG Icduygu
Journal of Applied Polymer Science 81 (2), 512-519, 2001
Polymerization and characterization of acrylonitrile with γ‐methacryloxypropyltrimethoxy‐silane grafted bentonite clay
T Seçki̇n, A Gültek, MG i̇çduygu, Y önal
Journal of applied polymer science 84 (1), 164-171, 2002
Poly (methacrylic) acid and gamma-methacryloxypropyltrimethoxy silane/clay nanocomposites prepared by in-situ polymerization
A Gultek, T Seckin, Y Onal, MG Icduygu
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 26 (6), 925-938, 2002
Preparation and characterization of polybenzimidazole–clay hybrid materials
A Gültek, MG İçduygu, T Seçkin
Materials Science and Engineering: B 107 (2), 166-171, 2004
Characterization of composite tiles fabricated from poly (ethylene terephthalate) and micromarble particles reinforced by glass fiber mats
MG Icduygu, L Aktas, MC Altan
Polymer composites 33 (11), 1921-1932, 2012
Effect of mixing water types on the time-dependent zeta potential of Portland cement paste
B Ersoy, S Dikmen, T Uygunoğlu, MG Icduygu, T Kavas, A Olgun
Science and Engineering of Composite Materials 20 (3), 285-292, 2013
Synthesis and characterization of asbestos–silane hybrid materials
Y Onal, E Yakıncı, T Seçkin, MG Içduygu
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 255 (1-3 …, 2005
Influence of dry grinding on physicochemical and surface properties of talc
Z Arsoy, B Ersoy, A Evcin, MG Icduygu
Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing 53, 2017
The synthesis and applications of Cr-doped GLYMO and GLYMO/DAMO surface coating systems for absorbing UV-light by sol-gel process
M Asiltürk, F Sayilkan, G IÇduygu, H Sayilkan
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 29 (1), 83-94, 2005
Microcapsules of poly (methyl metharcylate) containing epoxy resin and multi-walled carbon nanotubes
MG Icduygu, M Asilturk, MC Altan
AIP Conference Proceedings 1914 (1), 030017, 2017
Investigation of long-term water absorption behavior of carbon fabric reinforced epoxy composites containing hydrophobic nano-silica
AG N. Ekin, M. G. İçduygu
Turkish Journal of Chemistry 40 (2), 321, 2016
The synthesis and application of Pb‐doped GLYMO/chelated‐zirconium complex coating materials for UV‐light absorption
M Asiltürk, F Sayılkan, H Sayılkan, G Içduygu
Journal of applied polymer science 99 (3), 1175-1179, 2006
Fabrication of Composite Tiles From Poly (ethylene terephthalate)(PET) and Micro-Marble Particles Reinforced with Glass Fiber Mats: Comparison of Recycled and Commercial Resin
MG Icduygu, L Aktas, MC Altan
Polymers and Polymer Composites 21 (3), 171-176, 2013
UV-absorption and thermal properties of Pb-doped glymo/damo-derived coating materials prepared by sol–gel process
F Sayilkan, M Asiltürk, MG İçduygu, H Sayilkan
Journal of materials science 40 (21), 5779-5782, 2005
UV-Light Absorption Properties of Cr-Doped Polyethyleneglycol (PEG)/γ-Glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane (GPTMS)/Chelated-Titanium Coating Materials Prepared by the Sol–Gel Process
F Sayilkan, M Asiltürk, G İçduygu, A Bayri, H Sayilkan
Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 15 (2), 281-285, 2005
Preparation and characterisation of Fe3O4@SiO2@MTX@Lipid nanoparticles as a controlled drug-delivery system
N Yılmaz, S Edebali, MG Icduygu
International Journal of Nanoparticles 12 (4), 275-288, 2020
Three-Dimensional Nano-Morphology of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Filled Poly (methyl methacrylate) Microcapsules.
MA Yalcinkaya, MC Altan, MG Icduygu, M Asilturk, YK Hamidi
Materials (1996-1944) 12 (9), 2019
Three-Dimensional Nano-Morphology of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Filled Poly (methyl methacrylate) Microcapsules
MG Icduygu, M Asilturk, MA Yalcinkaya, YK Hamidi, MC Altan
Materials 12 (9), 1387, 2019
Lowest Temperature Miniature Fuel Cell with Modified PS PEM Membrane and Fueled with Nitrogen, Sulfur and Oxygen Containing Fuels
T Mutlu, MG Icduygu, ZO Yazici
Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 5 (10), 956-961, 2011
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