Daniel A Beard
Daniel A Beard
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Energy balance for analysis of complex metabolic networks
DA Beard, S Liang, H Qian
Biophysical journal 83 (1), 79-86, 2002
Big data analytics in healthcare
A Belle, R Thiagarajan, SM Soroushmehr, F Navidi, DA Beard, K Najarian
BioMed research international 2015, 2015
A biophysical model of the mitochondrial respiratory system and oxidative phosphorylation
DA Beard
PLoS Comput Biol 1 (4), e36, 2005
Chemical biophysics: quantitative analysis of cellular systems
DA Beard, H Qian
Cambridge University Press, 2008
Thermodynamics of stoichiometric biochemical networks in living systems far from equilibrium
H Qian, DA Beard
Biophysical chemistry 114 (2-3), 213-220, 2005
Thermodynamic constraints for biochemical networks
DA Beard, E Babson, E Curtis, H Qian
Journal of theoretical biology 228 (3), 327-333, 2004
Computer modeling of mitochondrial tricarboxylic acid cycle, oxidative phosphorylation, metabolite transport, and electrophysiology
F Wu, F Yang, KC Vinnakota, DA Beard
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (34), 24525-24537, 2007
Extreme pathways and Kirchhoff's second law
ND Price, I Famili, DA Beard, BØ Palsson
Biophysical journal 83 (5), 2879-2882, 2002
Cardiac cell modelling: observations from the heart of the cardiac physiome project
M Fink, SA Niederer, EM Cherry, FH Fenton, JT Koivumäki, G Seemann, ...
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 104 (1-3), 2-21, 2011
Stoichiometric network theory for nonequilibrium biochemical systems
H Qian, DA Beard, S Liang
European Journal of Biochemistry 270 (3), 415-421, 2003
Relationship between thermodynamic driving force and one-way fluxes in reversible processes
DA Beard, H Qian
PloS one 2 (1), e144, 2007
Minimum information about a simulation experiment (MIASE)
D Waltemath, R Adams, DA Beard, FT Bergmann, US Bhalla, R Britten, ...
PLoS computational biology 7 (4), e1001122, 2011
Modeling advection and diffusion of oxygen in complex vascular networks
DA Beard, JB Bassingthwaighte
Annals of biomedical engineering 29 (4), 298-310, 2001
Computational modeling predicts the structure and dynamics of chromatin fiber
DA Beard, T Schlick
Structure 9 (2), 105-114, 2001
Taylor dispersion of a solute in a microfluidic channel
DA Beard
Journal of Applied Physics 89 (8), 4667-4669, 2001
The fractal nature of myocardial blood flow emerges from a whole-organ model of arterial network
DA Beard, JB Bassingthwaighte
Journal of vascular research 37 (4), 282-296, 2000
Phosphate metabolite concentrations and ATP hydrolysis potential in normal and ischaemic hearts
F Wu, EY Zhang, J Zhang, RJ Bache, DA Beard
The Journal of physiology 586 (17), 4193-4208, 2008
Thermodynamic-based computational profiling of cellular regulatory control in hepatocyte metabolism
DA Beard, H Qian
American Journal of Physiology-Endocrinology and Metabolism 288 (3), E633-E644, 2005
Modeling salt‐mediated electrostatics of macromolecules: The discrete surface charge optimization algorithm and its application to the nucleosome
DA Beard, T Schlick
Biopolymers: Original Research on Biomolecules 58 (1), 106-115, 2001
Oxidative ATP synthesis in skeletal muscle is controlled by substrate feedback
F Wu, JAL Jeneson, DA Beard
American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology 292 (1), C115-C124, 2007
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