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Dr Walayat Hussain
Dr Walayat Hussain
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Tsmae: a novel anomaly detection approach for internet of things time series data using memory-augmented autoencoder
H Gao, B Qiu, RJD Barroso, W Hussain, Y Xu, X Wang
IEEE Transactions on network science and engineering 10 (5), 2978-2990, 2022
A PLS-SEM neural network approach for understanding cryptocurrency adoption
O Sohaib, W Hussain, M Asif, M Ahmad, M Mazzara
IEEE Access, 13138-13150, 2020
Trends in Using IoT with Machine Learning in Health Prediction System
A Aldahiri, B Alrashed, W Hussain
Forecasting 3 (1), 181–206, 2021
Cloud Computing Model Selection for E-commerce Enterprises Using a New 2-tuple Fuzzy Linguistic Decision-Making Method
O Sohaib, M Naderpour, W Hussain, L Martinez
Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2019
Collaborative learning-based industrial IoT API recommendation for software-defined devices: The implicit knowledge discovery perspective
H Gao, X Qin, RJD Barroso, W Hussain, Y Xu, Y Yin
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence 6 (1), 66-76, 2021
SSUR: An Approach to Optimizing Virtual Machine Allocation Strategy Based on User Requirements for Cloud Data Center
Y Huang, H Xu, H Gao, X Ma, W Hussain
IEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networking, 1-12, 2021
Integrating design thinking into extreme programming
O Sohaib, H Solanki, N Dhaliwa, W Hussain, M Asif
Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing 10, 2485-2492, 2019
The importance of higher education website and its usability
M Manzoor, W Hussain, A Ahmed, MJ Iqbal
International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 1 (2), 150-163, 2012
A New QoS Prediction Model using Hybrid IOWA-ANFIS with Fuzzy C-Means, Subtractive Clustering and Grid Partitioning
W Hussain, JM Merigó, MR Raza, H Gao
Information Sciences 584, 280-300, 2022
Formulating and managing viable SLAs in cloud computing from a small to medium service provider's viewpoint: A state-of-the-art review
W Hussain, FK Hussain, OK Hussain, E Damiani, E Chang
Information Systems 71, 240-259, 2017
Comparing time series with machine learning-based prediction approaches for violation management in cloud SLAs
W Hussain, FK Hussain, M Saberi, OK Hussain, E Chang
Future Generation Computer Systems 89, 464-477, 2018
Maintaining trust in cloud computing through SLA monitoring
W Hussain, FK Hussain, OK Hussain
Neural Information Processing: 21st International Conference, ICONIP 2014 …, 2014
Predictive intelligence using ANFIS‐induced OWAWA for complex stock market prediction
W Hussain, JM Merigó, MR Raza
International Journal of Intelligent Systems, 2022
A web usability evaluation model for higher education providing Universities of Asia
M Manzoor, W Hussain
Science, Technology and Development, 2012
Internet of Things (IoT) in E-commerce: For people with disabilities
O Sohaib, H Lu, W Hussain
2017 12th IEEE conference on industrial electronics and applications (ICIEA …, 2017
Analysing cloud QoS prediction approaches and its control parameters: considering overall accuracy and freshness of a dataset
W Hussain, O Sohaib
IEEE Access 7, 82649-82671, 2019
Risk-based framework for SLA violation abatement from the cloud service provider's perspective
W Hussain, FK Hussain, O Hussain, R Bagia, E Chang
The Computer Journal, 2018
Integrated AHP-IOWA, POWA Framework for Ideal Cloud Provider Selection and Optimum Resource Management
W Hussain, JM Merigo, H Gao, AM Alkalbani, FA Rabhi
IEEE Transactions on Services Computing 16 (1), 370-382, 2023
CAMRL: A joint method of channel attention and multidimensional regression loss for 3D object detection in automated vehicles
H Gao, D Fang, J Xiao, W Hussain, JY Kim
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems 24 (8), 8831-8845, 2022
The joint method of triple attention and novel loss function for entity relation extraction in small data-driven computational social systems
H Gao, J Huang, Y Tao, W Hussain, Y Huang
IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems 9 (6), 1725-1735, 2022
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