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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Data science in statistics curricula: Preparing students to “think with data”
J Hardin, R Hoerl, NJ Horton, D Nolan, B Baumer, O Hall-Holt, P Murrell, ...
The American Statistician 69 (4), 343-353, 2015
Curriculum guidelines for undergraduate programs in data science
RD De Veaux, M Agarwal, M Averett, BS Baumer, A Bray, TC Bressoud, ...
Annual Review of Statistics and Its Application 4, 15-30, 2017
R Markdown: Integrating A Reproducible Analysis Tool into Introductory Statistics. Technology Innovations in Statistics Education. 2014; 8
B Baumer, M Cetinkaya-Rundel, A Bray, L Loi, NJ Horton
Global entrepreneurship monitor: Women’s entrepreneurship 2016/2017 report
DJ Kelley, BS Baumer, C Brush, PG Greene, M Mahdavi, M Majbouri, ...
London: Global Entrepreneurship Research Association, 2017
A data science course for undergraduates: Thinking with data
B Baumer
The American Statistician 69 (4), 334-342, 2015
Global entrepreneurship monitor 2016
DJ Kelley, BS Baumer, C Brush, PG Greene, M Mahdavi, M Majbouri, ...
Global Report, 125, 2011
The sabermetric revolution
B Baumer, A Zimbalist
The Sabermetric Revolution, 2014
Taking a chance in the classroom: Setting the stage for data science: Integration of data management skills in introductory and second courses in statistics
NJ Horton, BS Baumer, H Wickham
Chance 28 (2), 40-50, 2015
Global entrepreneurship monitor 2018/2019 women’s entrepreneurship report
AB Elam, CG Brush, PG Greene, B Baumer, M Dean, R Heavlow
Babson College: Smith College and the Global Entrepreneurship Research …, 2019
Modern data science with R
BS Baumer, DT Kaplan, NJ Horton
CRC Press, 2017
Analyzing baseball data with R
M Marchi, J Albert, BS Baumer
Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2018
openWAR: An open source system for evaluating overall player performance in major league baseball
BS Baumer, ST Jensen, GJ Matthews
Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 11 (2), 69-84, 2015
A comparative analysis of preservation techniques for the optimal molecular detection of hookworm DNA in a human fecal specimen
M Papaiakovou, N Pilotte, B Baumer, J Grant, K Asbjornsdottir, F Schaer, ...
PLoS neglected tropical diseases 12 (1), e0006130, 2018
R markdown
B Baumer, D Udwin
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics 7 (3), 167-177, 2015
How often does the best team win? A unified approach to understanding randomness in North American sport
MJ Lopez, GJ Matthews, BS Baumer
The Annals of Applied Statistics 12 (4), 2483-2516, 2018
As strong as the weakest link: Mining diverse cliques in weighted graphs
P Bogdanov, B Baumer, P Basu, A Bar-Noy, AK Singh
Joint European conference on machine learning and knowledge discovery in …, 2013
Why on-base percentage is a better indicator of future performance than batting average: An algebraic proof
BS Baumer
Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports 4 (2), 2008
Maximizing network lifetime on the line with adjustable sensing ranges
A Bar-Noy, B Baumer
International Symposium on Algorithms and Experiments for Sensor Systems …, 2011
Quantifying market inefficiencies in the baseball players’ market
B Baumer, A Zimbalist
Eastern Economic Journal 40 (4), 488-498, 2014
Changing of the guards: Strip cover with duty cycling
A Bar-Noy, B Baumer, D Rawitz
Theoretical Computer Science 610, 135-148, 2016
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